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Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge – Strong and Lean – Day 2

hello everybody this is Daniel and Kelly with Fitness boner calm today is day number two of our 5-day fitness challenge so today we’re going to be working on our upper body and we’re also going to be doing some fat-burning cardio intervals as well we’ve also included a burnout round at the very end just to make sure those muscles are just really toasted and we’ve included again your warmup and your cooldown the only thing you need for this is a set of dumbbells so again one of us is going to be doing the harder version one of us is going to be doing the easier version but we need to get started with that warm up first so let’s go ahead and do that alright everyone so let’s go and get our warm-up done we’re doing each one of these for about 30 seconds each you ready to go hmm all right my timer started starting off with just a regular boxer shuffle so just go ahead and jump on those toes it’s a nice quick shuffle back and forth and left to right if you don’t even have to leave her through the ground cause technically you just kind of go back and forth if you want to keep it a little impact neighbors below right like we said we’ll be giving that low-impact option all throughout I don’t really decided he’s gonna do which one I guess I can see the hard one today yeah aren’t you yeah did you break all right I got shoulder rolls coming up next and I realize go ahead and go to those shoulder rolls nice big squeeze up towards your neck down towards your sides make sure you’re rolling towards the front and the back so getting those chest muscles and rhomboids working in there as well so really take your time and exaggerate this motion should I get a good stretch all the way around next we have a sidestep arm cross so right here swing your arms in front of your body try to get a different one over top each time you’re all turning that move shoelace down oh how fast you tell your shoe get back to all right next up we are doing a reach plus a chest stretch so this one feels really good so can I beat forward kind of round your shoulders really exaggerate it and then slowly open your arms back up and stick your chest out so you’re opening that chest up feel really good get your hands and your wrists in the action too once you come back here if you pull your fingers back and get a stretch to your forearm add a little round in your lower back as well arching kind of up as you pull that chest back as well as kind of rounding for a little bit as you lean forward all right side bend and reaches next so you’re going to lean to the side reach that direction and do the same thing on the other side nice big reach try to get a little more range of motion each time you should be feeling quite a bit through the outside of your torso and up through that shoulder joint alright toe touches an eventual swing so if you come about shoulder width apart and go down towards those toes mean those arms kind of up back behind you and then stand up arm stretch over top of your head a little bit a little backward lean back down again pull those arms up and back up just keep it going and keep those lungs open all right arm circles next so alternating forward back nice big circles cross those arms in front of your chest pull them back behind you as far as you can in the back pause the bottom and reverse that direction excuse me your circle is getting away my circle just keep going okay next time we’ve got a lunge plus eventual raise all right stepping forward a little bit of lunge upper body stretch well the core and your hip flexor in there too this isn’t a super super deep lunge it’s more focusing on that torso stretch especially through those arms nothing still really good do this for the whole routine a got walk dance next I wish yeah actually you should tell us how sore are you from yesterday I wonder and where are you feeling it most I was I’m pretty sore for having done the low impact version even mm-hmm yeah I feel close to my like calves and glutes and thighs I’ve got an ottoman through my shoulders and traps from having to jumping Jackson next three shows a chance from having to hold the weights those odd things secondary to excited to do the hard version so you’re so strange okay three seconds all right that’s all wrong so get your dumbbells we’re riding that strength and cardio section everybody that’s going to start with our strength and cardio portion so we have to strength exercises one cardio exercise when you’re running through them twice per exercise and we’re starting off with a chest fly so when we laying down the ground if you have a bunch handy well means you can use that otherwise just lay up all right so a physio ball also works as well I used to even use our the coffee table in the living room pain is here we’re just gonna push up into a bridge and you can do it in a bridge like Kelly’s doing or you can do it flat out on your back like me whichever nice and slim is jump out to the side slight bend in your elbow and right back up over top your chest keep that lower back pressed down relatively well doesn’t it be completely flat against the mat or the ground do want to keep it from arching here by 5 mm so inhale as you lower the weights exhale as you press back up slow down just a little bit more last one and let it relax all right let’s stand back up we’re going to doing a reverse fly this next one so very similar motions just bent over facing down and up ten pounds per hand you do pretty weakly for most people so don’t worry about trying to go too heavy on this you want to try to focus on form as always using four pounds per hand I’m still going to feel it all right it’s a nice flat back slight bending your knee pull those arms up and out to the side slowly back down try not to throw your arms up there your body’s going to try to cheat and just use a momentum so try to control it the entire way both up and down oh right okay cardio interval so we’re doing 45 seconds of fly jacks here remember oh and it just turned out okay you ready all right stir them up here we go so 45 seconds Daniel showing the low impact version so you’re landing soft but you’re trying to use a full range of motion and move as quickly as you can mm-hmm your core pulled in your arms rigid don’t forget breathe if we’re that slower version like I’m doing the further you step out the harder it’s going to be so if you want to take a really nice big full step by all means do so as long as you keep that form clean 2 1 mmm so back to much is why you start to get a little bit of burn in my shuffle purse yeah all right so next time I like I said just fly so back on the ground on make sure to put the red one away here you ready yep all right hand over those shoulders and sleep in it no no honey Lily up and back make sure you don’t want those arms relaxed on the ground you want to keep a little bit of hover neat those arms much range much as you can though how many that’s just I think eight yeah everything else we’ve got down kelting is counting his rug alright good but like who are these people I can’t even count to ten alright so next we’re doing that vigil we’re flying it’s gonna work that upper back I’m dropping my weight even more you ready all right flat back halfway remember you can always if this gets really hard you can drop the weight a little bit or drop the weights completely and do the range of motion just focusing on full range motion and you can still get them to go to work out mm-hmm that’s it every time I touch it it turns off hey ready same exact thing that fly jack so nice and slow for the easier version just focus on that form nice straight arm slowly moving so much range of motions you can pull those arms back behind you speed it up push yourself where is that timer hey relax all right let’s go and move right into our next group we’re just going to be starting off with an overhead press so going to grab whatever weight you want to use for that so I’m using 12 pounds per hand remember that’s not a suggestion of what you should look those last few reps should be very difficult to complete so listen to your body and choose a way that’s going to challenge me specifically any weight all right I’m at 20 pounds per hand Hey do those dumbbells up to your shoulders elbows pulled back nice and slow press that hand straight up over top of that head nice and slow drop it back down you want to try to keep that forearm perfectly straight up and down the entire time if you want you can sit down and do this we can stand just like us whichever is more comfortable for you you just want to make sure you don’t arch your back out you don’t want to lean back you want try to keep that torso pretty much straight up and down halfway point so inhale what you’re looking that way you come back down exhale as you press back up generally speaking you’re kind of inhaling at the easy part of the motion and exhaling when you’re really exerting yourself right next up we’re dropping back to the ground for a dumbbell pullover to need just one weight for this or two I’m using super okay so we’re gonna press up into a bridge so this is me working glutes and our thighs as well as our lower back and again either two different variations of the same exercise can either stay with those hips down to get a little bit more range move that shoulder you have those hips up to get a little bit different angle on that that lat muscle so you’re bringing that weight up right above your chest you’re not going in any further than the shoulder joint if you do you’re going to feel that it’s not as difficult so keep it in that range of motion where it’s really keeping your muscles tight the entire time no rest just two more last one our cardio is a push-pull Squa really be pushing forward and squeezing back so you can really squeeze those shoulders to getting a good workout through the arms so squat down are wide so try to work that range of motion through that squat his legs are probably gonna feel pretty weak from yesterday’s workout but just keep pushing through it as much as you can and really concentrate on working against yourself like Kelly said to that push-pull motion you need to can keep your squat nice and shallow too you know if you’re sore just if you start to feel any kind of pain that is not the good kind of pain you can lay off pull back a little and new intensity and over less all right back over to that overhead press to grab those weights for that so I’m using 8 pounds per hand on this one take a few of my forms start to stop throwing that last one yeah a lot of these exercises we’re doing are hitting those shoulders really really heavily so they’re going to fatigue really quickly so you might be noticing you’re using a lot less weight than you normally would here we go hmm nice slow controlled motion straight up right back down again as low as is comfortable without letting that forearm tip out or tip in again you want to keep that forum straight up and down so that rest is directly above that elbow nice flat back trying to arch your chest halfway nice bird I don’t nice is the word when I’m done I’m sure I’ll reflect on it is having been nice moment that’s alright run set pull over again drop down to twelve pounds for this one too because again I think on my arm starting to really form so you get sloppy I’d rather do it with curvy form when come here with poor form alright here we go nice and slow out again either doing it like Kelly is with her hips up or flat back on the ground like I am Jimmy oh oh sorry just a inhale as you lower the way towards the ground and exhale as you pull it back up if you can’t get the breathing down that’s okay just the main thing the most important thing is that you’re not holding your breath constantly making that diaphragm those abdominal muscles work to breathe I’ve got eight how many have I think this is this eight you mean thousand nine one more all right how do you over with and we’ll go a quick lottery to going even more here all right I’m or that squat with push pulls the squat down press it out stand up pull those arms back try to keep those arms kind of parallel to the ground nice tight squeeze pushing forward and pulling back these bodyweight movements just working against yourself as long as you’re doing them right if you’re really pushing against yourself these can be just as tiring as doing it with weights all right all right okay first water bike so grab a drink water don’t drink too much because we’re not going to the cardio save the heavy drinking for when you’re done with your workout I see in just a second you okay let’s go and jump right back into it for our second half of the strength and cardio portion you ready – sir yeah hammer curls so are you using 12 pounds per hand I’m using 20 pounds for him all right so hammer curl adjust with your palms facing in towards one another nice and slow curl it all the way up as high as you can towards that shoulder then nice and slow it back down main thing you want to focus on is keeping that elbow directly underneath your shoulder socket so a lot of people you’ll see curl and pull those elbows forward that’s actually starting to cheat and lose range of motion for that overall strength exercise so make sure you keep those elbows back keep that bicep working the entire time Kathy doing too much talking I don’t know we’re seven two more great relax next one is gonna be a tricep kickback – a slight bent over position I’m using eight pounds per hand for this one and I’m going to be using ten so a nice flat back tip straight over forward arms directly underneath your shoulder pull those elbows up to your sides and freeze them there then just kick back straight with your arm the arm go right back underneath that elbow right back if you make sure to keep your back flat you can also get in a little sign there a leg workout here so keep everything nice and tight as you’re bent over pull in your core a little more and then relax all right into the next that first all right so we’re doing kick outs plus a twist so gonna drop down do you going that way mmm so you’re dropping down and pulling back remember it’s a little boy in Packers into so the low impact version you just stepping out one foot at a time try to keep your hips dictionaries you’d rotate back so you’re getting it a good actually using your torso muscles a little when you’re doing that low impact version like I am make sure you all take which foot you step out with each time so for one repetition leave that right the next repetition leave that left right never the hammer curls so one of these dollar D I’m gonna try to get a little bit heavier okay Sarah at Lisbon Hall mm-hmm start it up nice and slow squeeze that hand up towards that shoulder don’t let that elbow come forward to really get the most out of this exercise you want to move slowly don’t swing don’t get any but body momentum to swing that weight up it is nice slow controlled motion keep that elbow direct any depth shoulder halfway it’s harder and harder not to cheat as you get tired such how to be really mindful of your form last one here looks so back to that tricep kickback and these eight pounds this time ten pounds for me I don’t know eight is why I use last four hands I’m struggling yeah flap back elbows to your sides swing those hands back slowly back underneath that elbow back out again don’t worry about bringing it handed up towards your shoulders just directly there make that elbow cuz then it just starts working a different muscle at that point can you hear my muscles shaking cuz my weights are friend lucky eight last one oh right touch the cardio button alright so I started all right here we go spit down one footage times the slow version just come straight out form we can make things a lot easier by just focusing on that form in a really getting a nice clean formula right then on to that next set so we are going to a close chest press for dropping me back down to the ground using 16 pounds per hand for this one it’s slightly different rate of motion than before target the muscles differently I’m going to be using 40 pounds per hand all right ready all right so again you can press up into a bridge if you want to get a little extra core and lower body work otherwise hands straight up above you’re dropping it down tuck it in close to your sides press it back up not those upper arms kind of rubbing that ribcage as you drop down his lungs open remember seven just a few more all right last one okay there I go all right next one is going to be a closed row so kind of similar motion we’re just doing with the bed over chest slab this time you’ll be pulling in really nice and close very very similar motion to the tricep kickback just not exciting upon all right let’s see I’m just going to leave these weights right here still have enough room bend over flat back draw that arm up to your side then extend it right back out again halfway it’s two more all right we have lockdowns and jumping jacks so oops myself out here might be helpful all right all right here we go so we’re walking out and coming back up and doing two jumping jacks once you hear one two so that easier version can bend those knees you need to do that walk out get as far as you can you don’t have to go the full way if you don’t have to or if you don’t you can’t and then that jumping jack is one leg at a time has you come up with those arms two one and relax okay turn that over okay box with it closed chest press hey right here we go keep those arms in nice and close four arms straight up and down hmm it’s halfway last why making weird noises by the ends you’ve probably done fidget out to eight pounds this time here yeah okay yeah all right flat back Jose hands straight up to your sides right back down short pause right back up again if you really want to get into it make sure you’re letting them shoulders kind of draw forward those shoulder blades and then squeeze and back that you pinch them together just don’t want that background just halfway here hmm three more last one right here okay here we go whoo walk them out let’s take your time with that easy version focus on that form you’re doing those strength exercises right these relatively simple card emotions should be actually pretty uncomfortable all right done with that group when we got into the next starting off with lateral raises so you use four pounds per hand for this one very range of motion so enjoy this kind of more mild cardio well last tomorrow over maybe going back to hit okay hey nice like – yeah five pound here we go all right palm facing down towards your thigh nice and slow up to at least shoulder height right back down again so the range of motion on that shoulder should stop you just a little bit above shoulder height without rotating your hand open halfway have sex okay I think I did one listen you two more and let it relax all right I’m gonna keep this for powder maybe doing a side pull over now so dropping down to the floor all right so leg on one side dumbbell directly above your shoulder you want their shoulders stacked to enroll for to roll back nice and slow drop that hand out over top of your head and pull it right back up above that shoulder joint nice and slow back out again nice slow motion get as much range out of it as you can as much as you can control is comfortable on that shoulder if you feel like you can’t get your arm to at least parallel to the ground you need to drop the amount of weight you’re using five six off again your waist can closer closer all right same thing in the other side all right starting that dumbbell directly above that shoulder again nice and slow over top of your head and back up remember keep those shoulders stacked try to tell them open up and roll backwards on you does the lungs open it’s half way one more oh my here oh alright alright one more group of that party of interval first Oh mm-hmm timer got Buttkicker drops so we’re doing three buck kickers and you drop down to a squat as low as you can control and handle so I’ll channel for the low impact version nice and slow down one two three slow down what if your last leg was you want to switch start with save light click on your feet and just because you’re going low impact doesn’t listen to me you go slow either so you can always go a little bit faster relax all right second round all these guys starting back over that lateral raise using it towards those stars ready when you are so when you’re doing this one I’ve noticed with a lot of my clients and with myself as well should get a little bit of the Elvis look curl when you’re doing okay start grimacing and she kept the top so you want to see a funny face look yourself in the mirror while you’re doing this exercise he’s pretty good where you can just laugh at our faces that works you do you want all right okay chopping back down try to study secret the seeking later than that okay laying in your left side waiting that right hand nice and slow drop that dumbbell over top of your head right back up stop above that shoulder out again take your time keep your lungs open halfway yeah two more last one right here and move on to other side how much mask you told you knew plenty room okay my weight set lessons walk you out you’re fine all right thank you ready mm-hmm here we go halfway those lungs open just keep it going two more and last one right here alright don’t relax alright last night cardio talked about you see okay hi with the drops mm-hmm remember to switch which leg is kicking each time which leg you meeting with each time where if you’re doing the easier version you can always speed it up you don’t have to go really slow just don’t add the jump in don’t turn it form alright alright so at the end of the first portion we back get into that right now round yeah in just a second you all right we’re moving on to a Burnout round we’re going to be doing 45 seconds of active exercise with 10 seconds of rest is a pretty quick transition I’m going to burn out our cardio and our arms here so we’re starting off with push-ups so go ahead and drop down and get started in just a few seconds you can do them from your hands and knees or your toes and your hands whichever one you need to to make it work for you oh I know after that workout this is gonna you know feel ease pretty quick so do the best you can remember to burn out rounds so don’t feel disappointed if your muscles start to walk out on you start with the hardest version you can and start walking down and difficulty until you just can’t do any more you need to take a break and even when you take a break just keep it quick 15 seconds left Oh five seconds all right pay 10 seconds rest moving on to switch foot jump so keep your feet moving even during your rest intervals never hold still three seconds alright here we go I’m doing the easier version of low impact version Kelly’s doing the high impact version if you try to move as quickly as you can you get just as much of a cardio above bad this is the full version if you need to feel free to slow down 20 seconds you enjoy doing the hard version alright alright next up we’re doing a traveling push poll so I’m gonna be pulling those muscles back squeezing your arms back we’re going to be moving while we do it so you can start high squeeze back come down a little lower squeeze back so you’re coming down descending a little bit each time squeezing those muscles back so working from every angle here then work your way back up you want to drop into a little bit of a squat I’ll give you those legs a little bit more work five seconds I next up we’re doing a little kickboxing doing a jab cross jab plus two knees and we’re switch sides so we’re alternating which side is leading all the way through jab cross jab – nice jabs you’re leading arm for getting my name push in there ten seconds laughs all right dropping down the ground for this next one we’re doing a tricep dips so you do this off a chair if you’ve got it otherwise it’s drop down kicking one leg out to get a little extra movement with it so make sure your arms are going straight all behind you try keep those hips up as high as you can while I was comfortable on that shoulder – I get the maximum range of motion you can under 20 seconds left Oh five seconds all right Oh pooping over for some mountain climbers here q1 here we go that point just getting too hard for you feel free just do off of that knee so it’s trying to keep a full range of motion just tuck that knee up as high as you can let’s rest at the net full plank for as long as possible five seconds ah okay coming back to something deceptively simple yeah arm circle so you ready for a nice burn in this area you learned up small circle just around that shoulder joint so make sure you’re keeping those arms up nice and high don’t let those arms start drifting down as you get tired yeah yep mm-hmm okay so if you aren’t feeling these you know you need to either lift heavier or check your form and switch directions are doing yeah reverse now Oh keep those arms up around that shoulder socket don’t let them droop oh my gosh yeah okay go to your happy place almost done under ten seconds three two one all right one more cardio interval doing up now jacks three seconds here we go so last would you buy seconds it works I try to move quick oh man I’m getting my rotation messed up here I must be getting tired it’s part of the challenge mm-hmm I say exercise makes you smarter but I always joked that comes in later workout ten seconds left so good slowly take it back down mm-hmm don’t stop moving just keep those feet moving for just a second we’re going to start moving into our cool down here we’re just kind of free-formin is not going to be a specific time we’re just gonna kind of hold it until it feels good just keep those feet moving kind of let your cardio start to drop down a little bit the lungs start to relax a little bit more kind of flushing that blood to your system a little you relax just a little bit longer and then we’ll start into our stretches you ready mm-hmm all right so we start with our upper body today we’re going to start focusing on those upper body exercise or upper body stretches excuse me so bring one hand back hand to shoulder grab that elbow pull across as far as is comfortable should be feeling it stretch to the back that tricep a little bit to the outside that shoulder as well lean away from it if you want to get a lexis stretch switch sides we will get that little bit of a lien to give that extra stretch that outside of your torso with to the ribcage and show a little bit more come to the center in do a little tour so lean feel like I need to stretch out my sides here mm-hmm keep those lungs open don’t hold your breath all right other side okay let’s drop down to the center what cops our hands behind our back let those palms go over your head get a nice upper light stretch right Michael yeah I’m across in front of your chest grab behind that elbow pull across should be feeling to the outside of that shoulder probably cross the back and upper back as well that rhomboid area at shoulder blade area switch sides mm-hmm oh man China hole with my elbow up okay it’s just now or getting a good burn on that shoulder again try to keep that arm straight across in front your chest as close as you can quiet let’s do a chest stretch so find an open wall or really anything that you can put your hand against and your spacing back behind you open that chest up away from that hand if you’re feeling it more in your bicep than you are in your chest just rotate that arm so the inside of elbows pointing up you want to feel a little bit more in your forearm and just kind of step back on that away from that arms a little bit more you should get a little extra stretch left forearm all right switch sides same exact thing on the other side feel it too much in the bicep of the arm you heavily against the wall just rotate so that inside the elbow is pointing straight up open that chest up as much as you can walk back on that hand you a little bit more stretch step 4 alright let’s stitch the front of the thigh as before we drops into did a little cardio today mm-hmm so again tomorrow for the day t3 we doing something entirely different again so we’ll take everything we did it today into consideration so don’t feel like you can’t show up for day 3 even if you’re sore from this tomorrow all right sighs mm-hmm it’s hard to balance in here oh wait misses a few brain yeah you pick a spot on the wall and it starts to move it’s like that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory didn’t they have all white room no the TV room at ya know how we got into Willy Wonka yeah downward dog and walk out nice and slow switch out the backs of those thighs first take your time walking out and once you’re here try to get your feet your heels press down on the ground but focus on trying to press your head through your shoulders as well so you get a good upper body stretch all right and slowly lower yourself down I stack up shoulders down away from your ears try to lock those elbows out if you can if you can’t that’s perfectly fine just go as high up as is comfortable for you tilt that chin up towards the ceiling all right now press back my Child’s Pose press down and away from yourself so you had to get a good shoulder or chest stretch again with this I feel like I could just nap here right now okay it pretty much take a 20-minute nap yeah let’s draw those hands into your shoulders there sorry it’s those knees but underneath that shoulder press your palm into the ground and arch that back up you’ll electro back stretch tuck that chin next let’s do a couple of next searches here feels finished gonna feel good well just kind of look right left take your time nice fluid motions nice deep breaths keep that back nice and straight focus on getting out spine nice and straight you don’t want to do this the rounded back even if you would be tired I know come back to the center do a couple side to sides here these muscles get worked over when you spend all day at a computer desk mm-hmm I know by the time I’m done sometimes I find myself like hunching over and just using really bad posture it’s not good good fight back against that I know let’s just roll it forward push just get a little bit stretch all the way around stuff forward roll keep those lungs open breathing normally alright I think that’s it okay mm-hmm all right guys that was our last stretch which means this workout is complete we’ll see you guys here tomorrow for day number three good job

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