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Scottish Ballet Health & Fitness Episode 2: Port de Bras

welcome to Scottish Valley headquarters unto the second of our utilization routines which this time is a natural bleak to corps de ballet my refer is Keith and I’ll be leading you through the procedure today it’s been inspired by our present autumn season make five mess and we’ll be focusing on upper body and arm moves it’s a slightly more complex routine I will be aiming it at singing the whole body but we’ll also introduce a little bit more movement and a little bit more sane to practice I’m met today by Scottish Valley professional dancers Victor and Brenda let’s get started and we’re going to spide all the arms down to the floor and palms to the front a little higher contacting diagonally out and sees coming up to second really rotate the arms in and palms up diagonally up all the way turning them in shoulders down and manipulating back down again to second feel the arms connecting all the way into your back I’m never going to rule the shoulders up and alright nice and easy only warming up the shoulders and the cervix and then take the arms all the way up to fifth and pushing down through the ear with the heels of the handwritings germinating taller through the spine and limbs connecting into the back and let’s just vary foot so the other feet in front we do the same thing again spiderling the arms in lifting the eyes and opening the chest up to second prevent this cervix easy the whole way up and directing back down again keeping the abdominals pulled in diagonally down and rolling the shoulders up and right and limbs all the way up to fifth position and hitherto towering what does the arms come down think of the arms again connecting all the way into the back and once more time changing to the other hoofs in front and we take the forearm to first search away from the side and back convert arm all the way up to fifth something genuinely tall lifting out of the legs and again feeling that the arms are coming from the back and taking the arms up and again pushing down through the aura converting the leg and taking the arm up turning away from the appendage unchanged keeping the back of the cervix neat and elongated up to fifth can change the art to your arms together good this time to go into second standing and saving your belly cool then we’re going to take a plie limbs so first taking the arms up to second we do a little rise and I get and up to fifth and thing a sideways pouch reaching up and or keep the legs connected you’re done the same thing again please and right I’m stiff and Sadie’s circle promotes up and out of the West as you go over keeping the shoulders nice and easy once more each side will promote legs into the floor good and we’re just going to turn to quasi fifth situation we locate the sides onto the hip and face-lift the whole way up long back of the neck and we do torn do to the front and gules derriere and back again to the front this time we’re going to close on plie to the back now we just add in the arms and slowly up and raising the limb back down onto the waist onto the wrist again this time taking the arm up and satisfy and we can down over the book P once more up we can down over the shoulder there’s st.Change to their other hand is on the left it and we take the limb back when you torn do and then to add a bisque and both weapons up to fifth through a little forth and change to the other side entrusts on the hips and Teuton dues daddy obstructing the elbows open accomplish through the backs of the arms this time finishing on a plie and limb raising the limb back down onto the hand get all the way up and please and looking down over the shoulder looking up let’s reiterate that again Oh easy and cervix varying the hand to the other hip and looking back over the leg to add a bisque I’m facing die and we’ll thumbs up to this through a little force change and we’re going to stay in facing the front in first posture make the arms to second we do a big part about move forward over the legs rolling up and a little back anguish thinking of banding in between the shoulder blades and again up and over the trendies nice and easy neck and shoulders again I’d open or this time bringing the arms to fourth feature a little back fragment last-place period was down back to motive II in fifth posture we take the arms to fourth conversion through first applying the back and change back again seeming up this time we plunge forward into large-hearted forth on a big poor dobrze stay the abdominals going all the way around up and over and rebars come up taking the background behind you close to fifth and change to the other side and to four through first exerting the upper back and this time we’re going to lunge forward again and big inadequate dobrze going all the way around up and over and modify and coming up and change one more time and Takashi and leaping forwards up a new over the abdominals up and over the waist and using the eyes back arm comes up and alter last-place epoch and saving everything coming from the back the abdominals pulled up and moving forwards big-hearted borderline Andres good you

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