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Hey guys, this is Vivy now. Thanks for stoppingby my canal. Today Im gone do the first impression on fitness boxing 2. Im so happy thatits lastly now, right on time when I already came tired of fitness boixng1, pealing fit and justdance. And Ive become so weak since the pandemic given the lack of utilizations. So .. what a greattime for me to test out the game and see how it would change my lifestyle in a long term. Well, now, without further ado, lets start the game. So fitness boxing 2 is the second game afterfitness boxing 1. Its still fitness workout work, but i would love to call it game.Tho it doesnt have a lot entertainment peculiarities. It will planned a full set of workout withboxing swipes, including warm up, some sections of boxing combos, and cool down. And you couldenter your data to move your workout progress.Over all, i think its un ungraded versionof the previous one, it fixed up those breaches, and has many intelligent details. And now let mego over what i suffered one by one with you. First when you open the game, we willhave a new coach-and-four, and she is Janice. I always thought of Janicefrom friends when playing the game. And it detected my previous data and asked me ifI wanted to import my data. Well, yes, sure as shooting. I tried the tutorial days ago, so now here itasked me if I wanted to skip it. Yes please. It will be some simple guide how to stand and punch.Then it used to guide you through the daily workout which is the core of this game.Sinceits the first time i play the game, it will give me an preset one to experience thewhole process. Which include the warm up, portions of the first basic combo, and cool down.I must say that, “thats a lot” interactions in fitness boxing 2 use dialogs, which i feelis a trend in fitness sports , not a bad design. The punch suffer is pretty the same asbefore. The warm up and cool down are still the same postures. And whats more is, it has asmall model on the right upper corner, to show which muscle you are extending. But I fantasize Imore need this modeling for the pierces and combos. The boxing divisions are pretty much like before.With one section of the simplest combo, I cant tell much, i need time to unlock the complicatedones, and share with you what i thought of those.After the whole workout, it will provideyour result, that shows how you do. It has more data here. Could be useful in thelong term when it mustered enough data. After the first exercising , now everythingis opened. Gives check out what we could choose for daily workout. We will need tochoose the goal, which is cardio, stamina and upkeep, more precise mentions for thegoal, I like it. I cant tell how they format the sections because I havent unlockedanything hitherto. I will experiment in the future. And you still can choose which area you would liketo work on. From top to bottom to full organization. And you can decide if you want to do unfold. And theduration of excise. Which will be 18, 28, 38 or 48 minutes. It might be a more precise numberfor whole workout process. And now you could choose the strength of todays exercises.Couldbe light-colored, regular or ponderous. This could be helpful. Its a quick modification for the duration.And “were having” 6 theatres make their own choices, all looks very fancy and chaotic. But i started to like it, the visual will help to bring up the motivation in a long term. i dont see if i could change thepunch plate color as the previous copy. More hymns are likely to be opened when you play more. Herewe can see there are some popular songs. And “were having” ed Sheeran! I actually wanted the shape ofyou from him since fitness boxing 1 so badly. But I predict I will have have it. And at thebottom there is a shuffle order, you could change the order of the combos, which could beuseful, based on my previous ordeal with FB1, sometimes, it would agree some complicatedones as the last one, which doesnt make sense, and i need to go back the mainmenu and re-role the class. And “were having” the free discipline, whichwe could do excise, light-colored strain and thorough stretch. This is more like, you choosewhat you want to do according to your Needs. Most combos are unlocked now, they lookslike pretty much like the previous one.You could be returned to two actor mode whenyou do the daily workout or free qualify. It doesnt have the combo chain or versusmode like the previous copy, but its actually more elegant. And now it can track bothplayers data. Fitness boxing 1 dont do this. And we have 9 regulations, 3 brand-new ones, and 6old friends. You could now buy them drapes by accomplish the attainment! And lots ofachievements are about varying clothes. Which isnt it a little off the topic? Let participate the punch index. The layout is different, but the perforates and descriptions seem the same. And there is some data will be shownhere on the right lower angle, you cou be seen to what extent you do this punch. What interestsme is this, it has a combo list. Just .. helpful. And you can check your data. Which we havesuch a long list, including your basic info, how many times you play with an teach ?! How many times have you play that song ?! Well, it will be interesting to know, but not necessary? And we can see the exercising history.And now it has my data from February 2019 feb. see after the 2019 October ring fit was out, i still sometimes represent fitness boxing 1. And since i didnt dropweight, i refused to enter my data any more lol. Now tells check the gives, I found somethinginteresting now. First I will recommend you to turn the rumble off. It will tremble every timeyou hurl a punch, and it will see you feel that you do it very hard, which you may not.And adjustthe work if it is necessary to. Previously I turned up the background music a lot, but this version I thinkis better. I keep it like default for now. And you could change the utter conversation of the instructorswhich merely will be English or Japanese so far. Now you could choose if you would like toremove certain actions, like the dodge, knitting, paces, and so. And those are posturessuper difficult for beings have grief in knees. And! Now is an action assist tab. Which a lotof beings including me have trouble doing some certain actions in the previous version.The ducking, weaving, gradations , now active it, the game will automatically give youa perfect regardless of your results! So now you wont feel disappointed orpissed off when you cant nail those. But I actually learnt the legit trickto claw those weaves and steps, I will test in the game in the futureand let you know how to do them. And it has the places to killoff lag if you are using tv. Well, by the way, I genuinely dont like the UIdesign of fitness boxing 2, Now the text sizes are too small, and the angled opening makes it hardto see the content.And the workout out layout, the perforate plates are smaller to be observed.maybe itll feel better after Im used to it. Its suspicious that it has the Nintendo shopbutton. I wonder if this is the portal for DLC, to unblock new instructorsor new combos or new anthems? Ok those are pretty much what i experiencedso far. I think its an ameliorate based on the previous copy. And Im elicited to start my longterm inspect with this game.Only experience “re going to tell” how a fitness game do. I are an attempt to do morewith the game as much as possible based on my schedule and what my mas feels, and iwill keep track on my nutrition a little more. My goal is not to become a fitness couch, i justwant to be more healthy. And get some muscles. Im 32 years old, my metabolism is much lower, sofollowing tournament may not give me a greater result as for younger people. But i do rememberhow immense i feel with fitness boxing 1, it made away my back and shoulder agony, it reached memore confident and mental and physically stronger. And gives people more stamina. So I’m looking forwardto see that fitness boxing 2 will bring me. Especially in such a difficult environment, i hope is will bring me some positive energy. Today video is the beginning of my long ternview, and simply go will tell how it “il be going”. Good luck to me.And i hope my endeavours willalso “ve brought you” some exertion or revelation. Oh, by the way, the game is 49.99. Which aslong as you use game, it will worth more, and its cheaper than gym pass. I thoughts onlyif you are not a fan of the form of boxing, you will find this application helpful for you. Ok, thats it for todays video. I willhave a lot to research out, to play with in the future. And I checks to see back with you aboutmy progress. Let me know in the comment below, which part of the game are you interestedin, which persona do you want me to research out. If you like my video or my canal, pleaseconsidering to giving me a digit up or subscribing to my channel. Thanks for watching, I will see you guys soon in my future videos ..

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