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Day 1: Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

you hey guys it’s Kelly and Daniel from Fitness winter comm and today we’re doing day one of a free five day workout challenge here on YouTube so we’ve designed this workout challenge to go through the whole five days hitting every single muscle group in the entire body to make sure you can really use this for pretty much any kind of purpose you want whether you are trying to lose weight when you’re trying to tone up whether you’re trying to gain strength or if you’re actually trying to put on some muscle mass all you’re going to need to follow along with this challenge is a little bit of motivation and instead of dumbbells and even if you don’t have dumbbells you can always get created use soup cans book bags whatever you need to get the job done so the difficulty level of this ranges from beginner all the way up to advanced what we’re doing is Kelly and I are both going to be in the videos with each one of these and we’re going to be showing you all the different variations as we grow through it so you’ll always have someone to follow this workout challenge incorporates a little bit of everything we’ll be doing high intensity interval training strength training cardio stretching you name it you’re probably going to find it in this five day challenge now you want to make sure that you actually follow this day-by-day we have it lined out so you’re not doubling up on muscle groups so you should be able to get through this if you follow through perfectly if you switch between days you can make a lot more difficult and you have a chance of injury so definitely make sure to talk to your doctor before you start into this you want to make sure you have express permission that you’re okay to go through this routine because it is intense you will be working hard we’re going to wanting you to push yourself oh yes so today’s workout we’re going to be doing some pretty intense hit along with lower body strength training so let’s go ahead and start off with our warmup all right we’re going to start off with a nice light cardio warm up with roughly 25 seconds for each active interval starting off with an overhead stretch plus a toe touch gonna go from side so overhead stitch up and then fold down kind of graze your toes so you get a stretch at the top and the bottom so since this is a warm-up take your time move slowly move fluidly take a nice full range of motion but don’t worry about pushing it next we’re going to a torso twist just a basic you just rotate those shoulders back and forth or you can get that knee in there to force your hips to rotate more as well start slow speed up as you start feeling like you can always listen to your body don’t try to push yourself too far too fast and switch it to a boxer shuffle in just a few seconds here we go bonza shuffle step on those toes nice quick movement again don’t worry about going too quick it’s just a warm-up what music my next that we’re doing high knee poles so put your feet on the ground arms up and pull your knee out as you bring your arms back down really work that range of motion to warm up those hip flexors shirring contract your stomach muscles – one thing about this program and this little challenge we always encourage you guys to be flexing contracting your muscles all the time there’s no reason that you came with your lower body during an upper body workout and vice versa alright next up we’re doing the high toe our high kick totai just today on just one side of the body at first doesn’t matter which one you start with just make sure you TV what happened X your hand shouldn’t have to worry too much out remember yes so if you can’t take very high don’t worry if you need to hold on a wall that’s fine as well some of this stuff requires a lot of balance it’s kind of deceptively difficult switch feet but make it work for you do whatever you have to do make it work for you another important thing never hold your breath some of these exercises are really easy to kind of forget what you’re doing start holding your breath we don’t want you to pass out at home all right going into jumping tucks make sure keep those arms and legs nice and rigid you don’t want to just kind of flail your arms and legs around you always want them under control no partial effort either none of these your arms straight to one all right that is the basic squat so feet shoulder-width apart and sink back only as low as you can control if that’s not very deep just yet that’s okay at this point those links should be a little bit warmer those hips should be something to open up a little bit every single squat down to give you a little extra range of motion next up we’re doing alternating lunges so step forward and come back with switch feet again keep those lungs open especially as you start getting into some of the exercises where your core is being worked up quite a lot more is it a lot more demand on it your body’s going to have a tendency you want to hold your breath anytime that core tightens up or is it to keep breathing all right butt kickers so just like they sound if you’re trying to keep this low-impact to stay right here let’s take out the jumping motion so our last warm-up cardio interval now we’re moving into our head brace yourself keep moving speed up as you can all right there we go let’s go and get started with our hip portion this routine we are going to be doing 20 seconds active 10 seconds rest for each one of these exercises we’re gonna be going through four of them and we’re doing four sets of each before we move on to the next one after we have those four done and get a little break before you do our next four so let’s go ahead and get started for the first exercise which is going to be expert because Kelly will be showing you the easier version I’ll be doing the hardest version so down up and up it’s kind of like a jumping jack motion start your hands nice and close hop them out for harder version at the bottom and on the top impact of taking out all the jumps for this there’s our break so feet are never still for this entire little five day challenge you’re never holding so even while you’re resting do at least a boxer shuffle here you go starting up second round remember to all take what is heading back first each time keep those lungs open moves quickly to hand halfway done however there’s a divergence treated not a prequel I think I definitely got a better deal yeah again remind yourself to keep those lungs open I’m Becky amethyst although the next one’s not in easier alright next one is a thigh slap with a touchdown so watch me the hardest and down slap down the hardest both those knees come up I’ll take one hand at a time so what are you doing a hard version or the each where the easy version doesn’t matter go at your own pace make sure me that you don’t keep up with us exactly if you need to move slower if you can beat us go for it that’s the goal here okay should be able to beat me I’m a little sore today yeah keep your back flat as you go on down to touch the ground push back up through your heels that too that’s two down two more make sure you bring those knees up to your hands and don’t bring those hands down to those knees one keep it open those lungs open breathing as normal as you can don’t hold your breath three seconds next up got siphoner mountain climbers so see the insufficient knees hurt be good following the damage write it up otherwise we’re walking it out here’s throwing up five your hands and then stepping out into a hallway so if you’re doing it like me you’re walking one of the time we’re sound much better coming with this entire anyway hmm keep as long as open two more left some nice deep breaths three seconds wardrobe malfunction Oh mother burn yeah if at any point you’re too tired your foreign sources ever stop just stop sometimes even a two second rest can help you go push yourself harder to stay active interval alright don’t be afraid to stop last one five seconds one last interval before foot water break it Tiny’s keep that speed up as best you can started out if you don’t want the impacts on your joints stay here the same time behind so if you’re doing this the hardest version you should be taking up most of that shot with your foot use the calf pose on an ankle not that hip should never land flat-footed who gets Wickham thank so much relies to try to drive those knees up at least hip height two more those two go – just one more drink water pretty good mr.Kid you get a little break after this so push yourself five seconds left alright remember don’t hold still don’t sit on the couch just grab a bank water HIPAA laws commune extra second but don’t go too far we’ll finish up the rest of the hit just a minute be right back you alright let’s go and start into our second half of this hit routine starting off with squat jumps everyone’s favorite right you want to stay well Big Mac just do a regular squat if you want to make it harder go ahead and add weight you can add add to the difficulty without adding to the impact if you’re doing the full version like I am concentrate on using those calves those legs to recoil sucking up as much that impact as possible rest three two one here we go so if you want to make it a little bit harder but not as how to the hardest version you can always do like an occasional juggle squat and then just do a couple regular just focus on whatever you are comfortable is focused I’m just teaching it just a little bit each time so first one of this group had already burned I always hate doing four sets in a row but with these types of workouts where you’re focusing on endurance along you do the same muscle more endurance you’re gonna force it to build there’s always a reason behind everything we do so hit for example hi and Izzy and Olivia what we’re doing right now doing short bursts of activity they’re really hard to sustain anything longer than 20 and that our miles up your metabolism it disturbs it but it takes a while for your the rate image of body burns calories to go back to normal I should’ve working smarter and not harder so this workout is so much better then spending two hours how much would melt sir laughs right yeah actually you’re doing I know this was great like get a massage yeah looks like we did good job you guys next up we’re doing three two one lunges so lunges Oh Ricky more lunges whoops I don’t know if I can do the jump otherwise you’re just sinking down three two one just getting comfortable with the pain where you kept this window two three six make sure you’re just dropping down right between those two feet keep your torso upright stomach pulled in all right suppose is their last one okay cutting this one down to three for that extra one we did for those squat jumps this is a really similar motion just taxes those legs differently next up we have ver beat holes so you’re kicking back into a burpee coming up and just staying there and a low squat before you go right back down so Daniels showing you the harder version just keep those hips down nice and low it’s a lot of work on those legs but believe me it’ll definitely help for that calorie burn that fat burn it’s good and happy please thank yous left to left thank you open the last time I look Kelly right routine exit killers alright doesn’t last mosey on one more exercise this hit portion pop squats regular squat keep those lungs open keep everything moving nice and fluid I remember what I’m doing so some of you know that we probably live up in the northwest where we live is cool enough that most places don’t have air-conditioning hi our filming studio so it’s in the high 70s in here right now that time we’re done is probably be mid 80s on a balance challenge to the easy version if you can go ahead and kick in frontier by do it as low as you need to one is something you have to last one alright keep those feet moving give a lecture break here go drop grab your water so what yeah one more easy this last one here I am witchy I’m done sorry but you’re probably gonna hate me for that on the mean lady with more spot here we go keep those feet moving don’t stop at least a small walk in place go ahead and hit pause he’ll let you rest when we start into that next round here in just a second all right everyone let’s go and get started are strict in portion 13 we’re going to be doing four different groups of two different exercises each an AV AV pattern and we’re doing two sets of each exercise and eight repetitions per set the amount of weight that you’re gonna want to live for each of these exercises that are completely dependent on your own strength so listen to your body and try to grab a weight that makes it very hard to complete those last few reps we’re starting off with squats so go ahead and grab your weights this is a reference point I have twelve pounds per hand for this one and I’m using fifteen not much more than Kelly because my legs are still really similar the last workout head – alright so eight repetitions nice and slow clean form down nice and slow keep that back flat right back up make sure those lungs stay open no holding your breath it helps inhale on the way down and then exhale during the hardest part pushing back up a proper form for a squat is the same angle on your shin as on your back making sure that back is flat six eight all right start on one side of the body and do an atomic set on one side and then we’ll do the other side on the next set so I’m going to start with my right first good I’m gonna start my left first so there oh great step it up down as low as it’s comfortable the further you step forward the hardest lunge is going to be the more weight you use obviously the her is going to be as well there’s four if you want to make this a balance challenge as well come back up don’t set your foot back down two more makes it quite a lot harder on that core alright there we go now for those of you out there who are probably complaining you having to do some training with this routine get over it strict training is incredibly important no matter who you are all right serve up so whether you are male female young old it does not matter strength training is what you want to do if you want to increase your metabolism permanently building that muscle tissue the more muscle tissue have the higher your metabolism is going to be that resting metabolism so if you want to be able to have a little bit larger meals each me as head Stewart trainings go a to Co good back to lunges straight ringing speaking of the hole it’s appropriate for everyone sort of thing there is literally not an age that shouldn’t strength train is always going to look different exactly what you do depending on your strengths and weaknesses what you’re capable of but the general concept honey even kids it’s a myth that string training sounds you growth it’s good has benefits for your body from very early and very late in life to more and let it relax of those develop temper go since I did no strength training is perfectly fine to take longer breaks in between sets all that’s doing is allowing you to put a little bit more glycogen back into your muscle tissue so you can lift a little bit heavier each time strength training isn’t necessarily something you want to move through really really rapidly so our next two exercises are going to be deadlifts and side lunges so going to be thinking about what amount of weight we want to use for both of those we starting up here in just a second alright so let’s go ahead and start into that first exercise those deadlift so grab that way to do that go heavier on this one 24 pounds per hand here nice going 30 pounds so nice and slow flat back perfectly flat back keep those legs relatively straight down as low as it’s comfortable she would feel a little bit of a stretch that hamstring at the bottom that range of motion if you want to bend those knees slightly that’s perfectly fine makes it a little more of a regular deadlift you bend those knees if you want to go and do a straight leg deadlift it was just typically what we do and we’re saying the deadlift keep those legs almost completely locked out make sure that you’re going the same speed on the way up and the way down there’s parts that you’re going to want to rush because it’s harder than others but force yourself to take your time through the entire range of motion you’re the last one all right side lunges are particularly nasty at least killing that both are pretty weak at them so adjust that weight accordingly three pounds per hand in here so just going keep one leg straight squat down as far as you can on the other side and switch repeat on the other side keep those lungs open nice flat back she’s much range much you can yeah yep Emily relax alright nice flat back and start them up inhale on the way down exhale as you press back up so if you’re brand new to strength training and exercise in general you can do all of these exercises with just bodyweight and still get good workout just as you get stronger start to do the more advanced version or stuff to add weight last one relax lunges ready those lungs open back flap much range of motion from side to side as you can remember only one knee bends at a time that’s it if you need to just stand next to a wall extra balance weights 12 good hmm push up on your tiptoes and nice and slow lower back down so again this is another time where you want to try and practice total control over your body that’s number four now if you have really bad balance I know a lot of people do you can always grab a hold it back of a chair just use one dumbbell at a time you just need to double the weight from what you’d be using for a spa to last one okay also it helps with peppers you have onion all right pull smiles next so I have 12 12 in each and for this one so we can see down into a regular squat and then at the bottom of the range motion naturally the most painful part we’re going to do three slow pulses before we push back up ready let’s do it down one two three okay let’s take your time nice slow pulse so if your form starts to suffer stop and lower your weight or drop your weight altogether it’s better to do it with proper form and it is to do it with a heavier weight and sloppy way anymore two more like this back to back to back it pretty much becomes cardio because you’re working hard enough you’re taking so little rest and you’re pouring sweat and breathing hard and part makeup it’s good for in all different kinds of ways all right back to those cat Franca’s hey Darla trying to get up onto the tip of those toes as high as you possibly can back down barely barely barely let that heel touch the ground don’t put actually any weight in that heel right back up all right you can see I was last time is 15 hi mm-hmm yep here we go I’ve just one more set after this one two three now I’m not using the same amount of weight that I normally would when I’m trying to swing trainings because my legs are little bit sore doesn’t mean can’t a silly strength train on them it just means you need to be a little bit extra – it’s also reflection about how sometimes our own workout schedule gets really messed up by a family schedule all right that’s it nice plus a hamstring pull so that way to bridge you’ll want to have some weight for you press up on top of your hips hamstring pull you’re not going to need any weight for for that one unless you happen to have some egg whites all right ready all right so be fuck-around weight down and balance your weights right on your hip bones there are you pressing up anyway ready ready yeah keep those long to open squeeze those glutes as best you can really press those hips up all that weight in your heel you want to make sure that you’re not pushing up onto those toes otherwise those calves will have a tendency to try to cramp up on you a little bit try to be nice and easy with that weight from left to right foot now we’re gonna kneel your weight in your forearms and your knees doing on each side yeah okay so you’re putting your foot out up and then extend it and pull it back in before you tuck it back down repeat on the opposite leg so once you’re here you’re pulling that in there and you have to really work against yourself but if you do it right you can feel this in the backs of your thighs and your hamstrings really squeeze that glute while you hold it up there to do that bring that leg back in so you want to be feeling this as much as you can in the back of that thigh and that hamstring so if you’re not really focused I’ll try to get tight tight squeeze even work against yourself and you need to with that quadricep the front of that thigh here’s seven we doing 16 all together so here’s our halfway point make sure you’re pulling in your core this is also good for your stomach and your lower back make everything be working just squeeze everything stole two more on each side all right one on each side relax flip back over onto your back grab those weights again another round of the ridges all right heels in as close to your butt is comfortable you ready all right start him up squeeze those hips up nice and high press into those heels inhale on the way down exhale as you push back up for mmm last one all right back those knees and elbows right this is our last one you’re going them on to a cool down and stretch ready we go sling it out draw that foot up towards your butt extend the leg back out and then hug it back in same thing on your side it’s nice and slow alternating back and forth make sure you get a tight squeeze so we do these really slowly and sometimes people ask why but you can answer that question for yourself if you do this motion really quickly versus really slowly I just I dare you and you’ll know the difference if you move slowly and deliberately force your muscle to work really hard through a range of motion that might otherwise be really easy there’s a halfway point any gaps between you and a cool-down one of the nice things about moving nice and slowly like this as well is that you actually build up more control if you move slowly and forces your body to have to work that entire range of motion control your body in any position build up a lot more balance lot more control over your body in general two on each side so this is kind of a Pilates um based move and so it is one routine day one we have done regular cardio we’ve done hit we’ve done strain training we’ve done plyometrics and we’ve done a little bit of Pilates and we’ll finish up with a little yoga stretching hence the name is younger okay guys last one all right this one part now I get to do our stretch cooldown you want to pause real quick and go grab drink of water do that otherwise we’re gonna start right into it okay so start off with just bring your toe touch nice and slow down kind of shake those legs out just a little bit on your Downs bars is comfortable and let down and relax all right when you get inside thigh stretch sure lean away for me so keep this leg straight and bend over as much as you need to you to feel stretch all along hand side of the thigh here so none of these stretches should ever be painful if you are inflexible and you can’t go very far don’t worry about it with time you’ll get more and more flexible so just be patient but never push to the point where you feel any kind of pain good just keep those lungs open pressures that stretch the entire time always trying to gets a little bit further your old down relax and stand back up grab a wall or back up a chair if you need it for balance otherwise healed back up top but as close as comfortable and then press that knee back behind you still try to keep up torso straight up and down and switch science he’ll – but pull that knee back chest stick up and down those lungs open and with our relax let’s go forward on a downward dog combination cuff down walk your hands out trying to press your heels to the ground if you can’t that’s okay but just act as if you are and then also try to press your head down in between your shoulders so you get a nice calf stretch a hamstring stretch along the back of thighs here as well as a shoulder stretch you have a look up and see what you do you do anything external right actually let’s step out now into kind of a toll flake and then put one foot with one foot behind the other leg so you get a nice cat stretch you have to kick those hips up just a little bit to get the leverage on this one push down into that cat just one at a time I’m really happy that our neighbor decided to do this long today that’s how we go for filming a lot more ambience actually we encourage you to watch once you know the form of these exercises and you know how these routines go we encourage you to mute us and put on your favorite music what you want to mix you want to go into shell or deep gloom tour so it is like Cobra I’m an ostrich back slowly brought back throw on your feet this is another nice ah let me get a stretcher your tire back as well as your chest and your shoulders again you moving to shale steps by pulling those knees or those hands back by those knees press those palms into the ground around that back up as much as you can kind of pull those shoulders down into your hips you little better you know we get stretched deeply yeah sure so let cross over top of the other grab behind the thigh of that leg it’s on that’s on the bottom pull in as close as comfortable should feel it in the opposite leg one’s crossed over top keep those lungs out which other relax as much as you can which you and let that relax anything else let’s do one for let’s do a modified pigeon so tough one leg up under your body so you get a nice stretch through your hip flexors on the leg that is extended behind you if you lean back a little bit feel a stretch through your core as well try tilting your hips back and forth to get a little bit different stretch each time just kind of work through different spots trying to find what’s tight and what’s not actually take both hands now and rotate and place them on the outside of this leg is bent so you get a nice torso stretch all through here remember this shouldn’t hurt only move as much as you can with all these kind of lean backs to get a side stretch okay go ahead and switch feet laying a new boy it’s a big new here but it yeah for you I’ll exe alright now take both hands and rotate over that folded leg just go as far as it’s comfortable all these are a little too advanced for you just try to find something it’s similar it’s going to work for that hip flexor as well as a little bit through that glute can always add that torso in there later okay everybody that is the end of day number one which means this workout is complete so what you’re going to want to do now is make sure you drink lots of water and watch your nutritional choices so eat clean and that we want you to eat as few processed foods as possible so forget anything health food and just eat real food so like the tried and tested fruits veggies whole grains and lean sources of protein you want to make sure that everything that goes into your body basically is as close to being picked out of field as possible kind of a thing if you are a carnivore if you like a little bit of meat then you want to make sure that you add in a small portion size as possible you want to just go for that base serving size the only about the size of the deck of cards believe it or not so nothing huge on the meat side if you can avoid it all together and go for primarily vegan or vegetarian style so if you’re eating those Whole Foods then you have less to worry about in terms of calorie consumption if you’re not eating fried and packaged foods it’s a little bit harder to go over calorically what we do want to make sure is that you’re not using this five day challenge is a crash diet so there is never any reason ever ever ever to eat under 1200 hours a day and there’s a very high likelihood that you need quite a lot more than that for example I eat between 2,500 and 3200 calories a day if I during this this five-day routine because it’s so intense I’ll be eating pretty close to 5,000 calories a day right so just don’t we want you to know food is not the enemy make sure you’re not starving yourself you need to fuel your body for life and these workouts so make sure that you’re eating well some other quick tips you might want to try to work on while you’re going to this five-day challenge is try to avoid alcohol if you can try to any of it through this five days to get the most bang at a buck make sure you’re drinking tons of water you want to drink a lot of water through this water actually a screw drinking cold water actually burns calories for you so that’s always a good thing no calorie drinks whatsoever so no fruit juices no sports drinks nothing that has calories in it just stick with water for these five days also make sure you eat not only three meals a day but try to get some snacks in there as well so take all those calories you’re supposed to be eating in a day just kind of dipping them up as you need to so anywhere from three to six similar sized meals or three meals and three six I’m like give me new this um just trust this program know that like a lot of people will say do I need to do anything else well you just did hit and you just did strength training so you’re especially the muscles your lower body are going to need to heal now so no extra crazy workouts tomorrow we’ll be doing a little extra cardio and we’ll be doing strength training for the upper body so you want to make sure that you don’t exhaust those muscle groups either because they’re going to be needing to work tomorrow so don’t panic and attack on 15 extra workouts – this one you have done plenty just now if basically the only other thing for the activity wise that you want to be doing on top of this program is daily life activities like cleaning the house running off of kids grocery shopping that kind of thing and maybe if you want to go out for a walk that’d be fine but no jogging running no space a cardio no other strength training this is all you need so we hope you enjoyed this first day and we will see you tomorrow morning see you guys

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