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Wann zeigt sich Content Marketing in meinem Umsatz? | Seokratie

Hello, I'm Silja and I'm responsible for content marketing at Seocracy. Today in the Seocracy Q&A I answer the question among other things "How long does it take for content marketing to make itself felt in your sales?" Before content marketing shows up in sales, there must of course be several Factors must be met. That means we need traffic to the website via Content marketing and we have to get brand awareness through content marketing increase and strengthen trust in customers. You can achieve all of this with content marketing – and until then through this If your sales increase, it can take two to three years. But don't give up! So of course you can get traffic to the website faster. It can take anywhere from six to twelve months – but it works definitely faster.

However, I really want to do this say: content marketing is not a sales channel, so don't rely too much on it. It always depends on who your target group is, who you can reach with it want and what you offer as a product. Experience has shown that advice is quite good if you have one product that requires explanation. That means if there are many questions about your Product would come up, I would recommend you to go in the direction of advice. That means really answering your users' questions in a very concrete way. It is also important to work with inspiring content, especially when you are a Product where you can work with pictures and want to show people how beautiful it actually looks – or how you can use it, I advise you many Include pictures, infographics and above all – if you have the opportunity – try to make videos.

It is important for all content make sure that you plan them so that you can post them for several Can prepare channels. That means you have pictures so you can put them on Upload Instagram or Pinterest, or videos for Youtube and Facebook for example. I would recommend it because, as we all know, the organic reach on Facebook doesn't tear as much these days and ads are actually one Great way to get reach and users through your social media channels to bring content to your content marketing and thus also on the website. Yes, that was it with the Seocracy Q&A for Today. If you have any further questions or anything was unclear, please let us know in the comments below. And if you liked it, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel – we would be very happy! Until next time. bye .

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