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How to Get Data-Driven with Your Content Marketing

[background music] Bryan Harris: Hi, this is Bryan with KISSmetrics.
Today I'm going to teach you how to consistently create high quality content
for your blog. Anyone can write one awesome blog article,
but to do that day in, and day out over an extended period of time
is a completely different story. Chances are you've started
a blog, and then completely abandoned it because it didn't
get any traction. If you're ready to get going again, today
I'm going to share with you three specific techniques you can use
to get started. So, let's get going.

First, let's just face the facts. Blogging
is hard. Some articles do extremely well, and some articles completely
flop, so if you think it's gonna be easy you're wrong. If
you think you're just gonna to check in once month, and you're gonna
have a wildly successful blog, you're wrong. But if you're willing to put in the work,
if you're willing to dedicate time to this, and do it, you can
definitely make it happen. Tip number one, scrape other blogs for content
ideas. Using a few software tools, we can scrape other relevant
blogs and boil down the data to find out what they're doing, what's
working, and what isn't. Let me show you exactly how to do that.
Let's say I want to write a few articles about my marketing blog. Today, I want to write about analytics, so
I'm going to use my favorite blog, "Annielytics," as a place to

First, I'll go to and there,
I'll enter the URL and press go. Now, I'll
set the filter to 6 months to filter the results down. And lastly,
I'll export the search results to CSV, where I'll be left
with a nice, clean list of URLs. So, with this list of titles, run them through
the free word counter tool, This will
tell you how often each word in that list is used. Take out the tos
and that's and theres, and you'll have a clean snapshot of what they're
doing. Lastly, go to and run the word list through
their free cloud mapping tool. You'll see which words are really
popping out. It's not automatic, and it takes a lot of
work. But if you follow those three steps, you'll be well on your
way to developing a solid content plan. Tip number two, utilize experts.
Every industry has its giants, and their names have pull. And
you can harness that power for your blog to get traction. If you
don't know who those people are, we can start with our old friend

You can start with a simple Google search
like "analytics speakers" to get a list of speakers that have presented
on the topic of analytics in the past. With this list of experts
in your hand, you need now to connect to these names through
social media. Follow them on Twitter. Add them on LinkedIn. Subscribe
to their YouTube channels. You wanna know how they talk, and what they
think on a broad range of subjects, so try to get to know them through
any available channel. Once you have a grasp on their personality
and expertise, reach out to them and request an interview. Ask them
about topics that they're interested in, and then report those
finding back on your blog. You could even put together a list of
greatest hits based on their blogs that they've written, tweets,
quotes, and even passages from books they've published.

Tip number three, use big events to build
buzz. No matter what industry you're in there's an event associated
with it, and if you're not aware of an event, find one. A
simple Google search will show that there's a lot of activity that you're
not aware of. Find the event, and you can talk to attendees,
speakers, sponsors, or anyone else you can interview. When you've exhausted that avenue, start mining
the event agenda for relevant topics. Use this as an opportunity
to share your opinion by writing a blog post about it. Did
they choose the right location for the event? Is the panel of speakers
good enough? Were the topics relevant? What were the successes
and failures? And of course you need to be at the event if at all
possible. Arrive early, and provide plenty of preview,
and stay up late to wrap up. These events are an opportunity to
catch the eyes and ears of everyone in the corner of your world. Don't
miss them. That should sound like a ton of work because
it is, but with this action plan in place you can start producing
fresh content on a regular basis, and you can turn your blog
into a resource, and not just a bunch of noise.

So, that's it for this week. Until next time,
happy analytic-ing..

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