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At Last! Learn Viral Marketing like Dollar Shave Club PART 1

Welcome to Videoxray pro's its Time To go
Viral. video breakdown. The only place, where we pull back the curtains
and reveal some of the brilliant hypnotic techniques the most successful guru's don't
want you to know. Giving you the step-by-step formula that you
can copy on how they went viral, got famous, and made millions of dollars.

Warning: This video might be could be taken
down at any moment because I'm not even sure I'm legally allowed to show you this. If you like this video and want to learn more
on what your about too see then and check it out at So why do some video and commercials go viral? We'll that what were here to learn, and I've
broken down one of my favorite videos to teach us. you've Probably already seen this one a 100
times by now, were here to talk about the famous Dollar Shave Club video
Launched March 5th 2012 it instantly went viral. They had 4.7M views in 3 mo… now over 200,000
active subscribers today avg. $6/permo. That $1.2M per mo business in just 15 months. Not couting their new products
Lets think about this…A new little company, no one knew who happened to make a funny little
video which that wen't viral, what do you think? Lucky? I think not, I can tell you every moment, every frame,
every word spoke, in this video had a purpose, This is a rare and Perfect example of how
when properly combined, these techniques are seemingly impossible too detect it, create
an instant buying frenzy, and make the owners lots of money.

When you watch this video till then end, you
will understand exactly why it was destined to go viral and will know their exact formula
so you can copy it and apply it to your own videos. Warning: Im about to nerd out so hard on this
video because the science behind what's really going on In here absolutely ingenious and
will single handedly change the way you look at commercial for ever.

About Slide:
Meet Michael Dublin, typical business owner? Background in: Digital Media and Marketing
Worked for NBC, did newswriting and production at NSNBC, created custom content for Big Brand
Advertisers, and back ground in acting, he knows his stuff and is a genius marketer What really made this a hit was they were
in the right place at the right time And got infront of a desperate market place
Gillette, controls 66% of the $12.8 billion global market for mens razors and blades
brand name razors companies were expensive, hidden behind anti theft cases in the store,
then you gotta go find someone with a key, just to pay $22 bucks for a few razor heads.

Not fun. Dollar Shave Club Solved by direct shipping
the razors monthly, which lowered costs, by eliminating the middle man This market place was desperate for a solution
and this video is what made it possible. Here's the general overview of how the video
is laid out, again, thought process is brilliant, and I'm going to break down each one of these
scenes in detail Intro, Hook, Features, 3 Problems, Rapport,
and Call to Action to finish it Simple model, but why does it work so well? It had some serious mass control elements
People buy from people, he makes it personal and 1-on-1
Every scene begins and ends with a massive pattern interrupt and uses visual proof to
back it up Youll see him Raises and over comes objections,
uses an us-vs-them story line, and very sneaky NLP language
Take that and combine it with their Video style
High quality, makes you feel like your their Entire time he is constantly moving
Acting is Incredibly engaging and commands attention
Blinks like 5 times the whole video All these elements combined created an unstoppable
selling machine. Were about to pull back the curtains and reveal
some of the brilliant hypnotic techniques they don't want you to know that they used
to generate the $1.2 Million per month biz they had today.

And reveal the step-by-step formula that they
used to make it happen. If you have any questions at all about what
the heck I'm talking about, go to too catch up on the lingo or see more videos
like this If you know what's going on, and your ready
to get going, smack that like button, show your friends what you just found and lets
get DO THIS!.

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