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Rhys ys1 agricultural helicopters are very beneficial to people they allow spraying liquid and powdered chemicals designed to kill pests in the shortest possible time in addition they’re also capable of spreading fertilizer as you can see they have many advantages the helicopter moves faster than a machine or a person and in addition the helicopter does not come into physical contact with the plants which means that it doesn’t damage them as other equipment would however agricultural helicopters have disadvantages too as a roll they are complex cumbersome and expensive machines that can only be operated by specially trained people however the ys1 helicopter from the Japanese company Ryze does not have these disadvantages and has been designed for independent entrepreneurs who own relatively small fields the advantages of this aircraft can be seen immediately the rise ys1 weighs only fifteen kilograms so it can be transported even in a pickup truck at the same time it’s a compact drone that perfectly deals for the task of agricultural helicopters it’s controlled by a special remote control unit this machine lifts up to ten kilograms of load and can stay in the air for up to half an hour [Music] ventrac 8200 for decades people have wondered why spend so much time and energy removing fallen leaves by hand when you can use specialized equipment blowers are not new to the markets and have been in high demand for a long time but every day something new is invented and today you don’t have to spend all of your money on a complex and expensive machine but by an accessory instead the American company ventrac offers a tractor attachment that does the same job as the most powerful blowers [Music] pay attention to the wider nozzle it’s specifically designed to expel large air flows however vent racks development produces less noise during operation than standard blowers surprisingly the nozzle rotates 360 degrees so you can choose the perfect direction the maximum speed of the airflow is 78 meters per second this is enough not only to remove leaves but also to clear the surface of snow or small debris [Music] [Applause] [Music] AGV weasel the next invention is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the logistics industry the AGV weasel is an automatic transport system consisting of rails and auto guided vehicles in any warehouse regardless of its size different loads are moved daily this flexible and highly efficient system created by the German company SSI Shaffer Group guarantees the safe handling of containers cardboard boxes and even valuable goods each of these systems is unique and is assembled to meet the requirements of the customer weasel vehicles can be operated in automatic or semi-automatic mode – or if required the system can be operated manually the operating principle is quite simple the warehouse worker takes the goods to a special receiving station the vehicles then pick up the load independently and move it to the right place wherever it is interestingly the rails don’t protrude from the floor surface so they’re not an obstacle when walking [Music] the system sensors also prevent the vehicles from bumping into each other and other objects as they move [Music] [Music] laro we would need a lot of time to list all the benefits of head massages for example they allow you to cope with stress relax your muscles increase concentration get rid of headaches and improve the quality of your sleep unfortunately most of us don’t have the time or opportunity to receive such massages the solution to this problem is low row an invention by a Chinese company it’s a robot that can be put on your head in an ideal way the device gently massages the temples imitating the touch of fingers they use as hands remain free which means that you can use the device anytime and anywhere the size can also be adjusted to massage any head the battery lasts 3 hours two other advantages of Lauro are its compact size and portability the storage bag allows the device to be carried safely in a small bag and the minimum price for this invention is a hundred and seventy dollars [Music] sunflowers system here we have a new generation of home security systems from the American company sunflower labs it consists of three devices each with its own purpose the bee is a flying drone capable of scanning and tracking the area the hive is the station where the drone recharges and finally the sunflower is a light bulb with a built-in motion sensor and vibration detector overall the system works very simply when an intruder enters the premises the sensors notice it and begin to track the movement the homeowner receives a notification on their phone and can follow the movements in real time via an app at the same time when the intruder is spotted the drone takes off from the station first its appearance can scare off the intruder and secondly the drone starts recording and transmitting the image into the app in addition it’s stored in the cloud right away the drone flies also massively soo but can also be controlled remotely [Music] ryuko Motorhome many celebrities whether athletes musicians or comedians have to travel a lot for work the most affordable option is buying or renting a house on wheels however this doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy comforts and convenience during the trip for your her singular vehicles is a Spanish company that designs and manufactures motorhomes with a new level of comfort the model you see on the screen belongs to the Italian motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi the design has a retractable module which significantly increases space inside there’s a small garage for a motorcycle there’s also an automatic leveling system that guarantees that the horizontal surfaces remain horizontal electricity is provided by the built-in batteries there are two satellites antennas for television and Internet the motorhome provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to all systems are controlled by a touchscreen there are even security cameras outside then of course the interior and exterior of the vehicle are designed according to the customers wishes [Music] Jagr ate the last invention will show you today is a unique grill we bet you’ve never seen anything like it before it’s a system developed by Jack grills and it performs three functions at once the first is the grill mode second the Jag 8 is a fire pit and of course it’s a big table for eight people the invention makes it possible to cook food over an open fire at the same time guests can get involved in the process in the center is these social grill for cooking the products it’s surrounded by eight personal grills during the party guests can leave food on their grills so that it doesn’t get cold or they can cook the meats and vegetables themselves choosing the appropriate degree of doneness either way the Jag aid offers fun activities during which no guests will feel left out [Music] okay stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain eels welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you’ll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won’t regret it [Music] [Music]

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