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Scaling Viral Marketing Campaigns: $36K Profit In 10 Days

Because we monetize every click, every click generates revenue If anything is done right, we can quickly expand We will quickly look at a case study. I will share with you a case we did on Facebook I want to show you the articles, materials, positioning and results Article variants are "packages". This is an article, a very simple one, about a girl seeing Someone was forced to throw the parcel into the airport trash can because he couldn't take it on the plane She picked up the parcel and it took a long time to find him and return it to him Is to tell you this story Anyway, the material we use is very simple, and it took us a little time to find this combination The title was: The girl saw a boy crying and was forced to throw the parcel into the airport trash can These are the pictures This ad alone received more than 17,000 likes, more than 8,000 shares, and more than 3,000 comments. Positioning now, I think it would be interesting if you ran Facebook Because we target explosive content, everyone is a potential customer So our positioning is very wide.

Here we are targeting mobile traffic in the United States, almost all ages, both genders That's it We do n’t want any custom audience or interest audience This makes it possible for us to show our ads to 76 million people We also use pixels to target better users, that ’s it. Mainly depends on the material Some figures, the CTR of this ad is 15%, which results in 0.05 cents per click to buy Still targeting U.S. mobile traffic We can generate revenue from every click, EPC is over 0.11 cents Overall, we spent more than $ 27,000 in the first 10 days, but the interesting thing is The speed at which we expand because we monetize every click and every click generates revenue If we do it right, we can quickly expand Here we went from $ 20 to $ 50, to $ 500, then to $ 5,000, and it only took a few days Do you know why we stopped at $ 5,000? If you are doing Facebook, everyone knows There is a daily limit for an account, you can contact customer service to open But here we have n’t opened it so this one might generate more profit Bottom line, we spent more than $ 27,000 in the first ten days and realized a profit of 64,000 We have a huge profit of $ 36 thousand.

ROAS is 2.3, it's crazy, right? Is it compliant? Full compliance Can this target a large audience? We see 76 million potential users Can this be expanded? This is left to you to decide Will it be highly interactive? We saw likes, analyses, comments This interaction rate is very high .

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