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The 5 Most Important Numbers In Viral Marketing – And The Most Crucial ONE!

Hey folks, Ken McArthur here from Ken McArthur com. Today we're going to
talk about the five most important numbers from viral marketing and which ONE Is it's crucial to your success. Another quick question for you how much
quality time did you spend in the last two weeks actively thinking
about how to optimize the five most important numbers in viral marketing. so here's our agenda for the day I'm teaching you five important numbers you need to watch to build your audience exponentially plus one crucial one Plus the way you can get more
advanced marketing strategies like this I'm here to convince you to finally do what
it takes to really build your audience Let's get right to it … The five most
important numbers are The invitations the conversion rate The Viral Coefficient and the cycle time … By the way this is the most crucia here's an example of a viral loop. A potential
fan fine sure idea product or service TRISA decides to invite a friend … The friend takes
a look here's the math behind the numbers There are
three numbers to start with the seed which is the
number fans our customers that you start with Number two the invitations ….

That's the number your fans send out to other people to join you and number three the conversion
percentage which is the percentage of invites that convert into actual customers. Those three
numbers get you to the viral coefficient. Start with your seed your
current fans or customers you multiply the number of invitations
times the conversion percentage to get the viral coefficient which
equals the number new people that each customer is
able to successfully a convert so here's an example you start out with
five initial fans they invite ten people and 20 percent become fans in this case the viral coefficient
equals 2 so you can see that in five cycles you've got 315 brand new customers have a formula
assumes the fans only send out invitations once and not continuously in every later
cycle your case may be better but let's keep
it simple for right now see how important the viral coefficients are.
you have a viral core personal blog on at the end of 10 cycles you're gonna
have 110 customers Well its decision time if you want more
advanced marketing strategies and tactics you can register for our advanced impact
white papers notifications at Hope to talk to you soon

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