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Meeting with (Kirill Grochnikov) My name is Kirill Grohnnikov, and I have been working with Google for five years I design and develop the user interface in the Google Play store. Well, cool, and what do you like about your job? I have always loved writing codes and seeing dots that glow on the screen Google Play Tour So this is the Google Play Store app From top to bottom we have the search box and we have these buttons which we call quick links .. Which moves the user to sub-sections in the app and in the store Then we have various content here, we have a bunch of apps like cards We have this, we call it a logo, it takes you elsewhere in the app You can go to a specific application's detail page For example, "Angry Birds" This is what we show here The set of information developed by the application developer We have a video from the app Then we have a brief description of the application, and a few snapshots of it ..

Then user-generated content, such as reviews and ratings for that app Then a few other apps related to the app Here are a few links Also from the detail page you can start downloading the app This is a set of permissions Accept them, and the download begins You can see the application download above Text and image interfaces in the "Google Play" application Students were learning about text, image, and "buttons" interfaces. Can you mention some of these interfaces in the application? Yes, let's go back to the App Collection, if we look at the Star Wars Rebels app. The card itself is an extension of a group of interfaces But it may be simple as an extension of a relative chart Then we have this icon which is the image interface Then we have the application name, which is a text line with a maximum of two lines of text The evaluation bar is the "evaluation bar" interface The word "free" text interface The vertical points and the front of an image whose code has been modified to look like three points Likewise for quick links ..

It is a set of "relativistic models". Next to it is a picture interface on the left Then the text is in a single-line style to the right of the image and stretches as needed It has its own set background with a green background and rounded edges So basically, as you say .. It depends on handling simple construction tools Like text and image display interfaces .. Sometimes evaluation or download bars, menus and checkbox or single choice button Mix them together as your design shows on a particular screen Yeah, that's great because students are learning this in their first Android lesson. And you use it every day with Google Play How does it work with a designer? You mentioned that you are working with a designer So can you explain to us how does this happen? It begins with discussions with production officials Then we move on to the discussion on design. And engineering what will be browsed on the screen What we hope will already be in the design We start thinking about how design can cope with small as well as large screens After this, we again and again put something on the screen and review the overall vision of the design Because sometimes ..

We find a fixed or animated tag due to the software that designers use And you see it on the screen of your device Then put it on your phone and look a little different Because the phone screen is smaller Or because of the limited interaction or perhaps because you depend on large pictures but the speed of the Internet is slow So, when you open the screen, it stays five seconds without showing anything So we try to solve the problem through that process .. As we put something on the screen, it doesn't have to be perfect Then we return to the production stage discussions to think about what we should change What if I work without a designer? Well, for developers who work without designers Do you have suggestions for them to make their app look better? I suggest them enter the material design site Knowing him, not necessarily the best parts .. Like arcs of motion or all of these moving pictures But focus on the overall picture To see how to implement a constant lineup throughout the application What we call the main lines of design or what designers call the main fonts Horizontal and vertical, where elements line up with a specific visual harmony So that it doesn't look like they were randomly distributed on screen So you find the toolbar Or maybe parts of your browser Like the transition elements on the screen Then the content itself, it's a good idea to line up the contents within the same domain So that the margins on the sides are minimal The elements are not too close together Also, you should pay attention to writing style And who ..

It is a great way to be able to visually .. From clarifying the relative importance of different elements So if you are talking about something like a mailbox, gmail, or email app If the writing style is fixed in all elements If they are all the same color, the same size and the same style Then.. Dealing with the application will not be easy on the user's eye So you probably want to make the sender’s name a little bit bigger .. The sender’s name or perhaps the message’s address Or the first words in the message title should be thick This will make it easier for the user's eye to notice the details faster This of course depends on the content of the application you are working on But I wouldn't recommend using several writing techniques or several sizes Three or four styles Used consistently across different screens It would allow the user even unconsciously .. See the full picture of how to deal with your app He does not suffer to understand where the information is searching or searching And the last thing, the colors Use a few of them, especially with materials It is best to use large batches of saturated colors.

Great looking, especially in the status bars on Android Lollipop devices Learn what we call tone colors, and basic colors Learn about a few colors And use them to beautify the design of your app Such as the status bar, or event bar, maybe some of them are in the navigation buttons For example, use colors to show a specific item as a button. Or to draw attention to a particular important component What you consider important And I suspect that these three methods .. Preferably to be mentioned with her .. Emphasizing the importance of the visual style of the application Of course, if you get the chance to collaborate with a designer, this will be great .

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