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How To Rank My Youtube Videos On Google – 1 Simple Trick!

hi guys Jon Penberthy here and chances are you've landed on this video because you were searching for how to rank my YouTube videos
on Google and in this video I teach you the one main thing that you can
implement into your YouTube videos that will greatly increase the chances of
them ranking on the first page of Google to stay tuned business for the past 23 years and I
consistently get videos right from the first page of Google but the interesting
thing is there are tons of different variables and ranking factors that go
into being able to do that so what I want to do this video is teaching the
one main one that I've discovered in that is cool to watch time right YouTube now placing a huge amount of
emphasis on this thing called watch time in fact recently I was invited to the
London YouTube headquarters now they would ask the budget questions about
ranking factors and and how they they work with that stuff out and they were
saying that at the moment more than lights on your videos more than comments
more than views more than subscribe use all of that stuff they prioritize this
thing called watch time when it comes to ranking your videos when it comes to
positioning them on the first page of Google they take into account the single
most times what is watched on well what time is the average amount of time that
the visitors who are landing on your video watch through your video for
example if your video is five minutes in length and the majority of people that
land on your video watching until four minutes maybe even to the end of five
minutes your video has a good watch time right if your videos five-minute I'm
people watching on average thirty seconds and then leaving that shows you
to do you have a bad worst time issues you choose people are enjoying your
content is making sense so here's how to increase your watch time and in so doing
increase your chances of getting on the first page of Google your videos have to
be shirt so really your YouTube video about two to three minutes maybe four
minutes of Max a similar level to the video you watching right now because
it's just common sense isn't it the shorter the video the more chance people
are going to be able to get through to the end naturally the longer he's more people
would drop off the second thing is being engaging right you know don't don't beat
around the bush and don't spend too long rambling and rambling on get straight to
the point grab their attention who come into the end of your video and
you have a large majority of people actually get to the end ok so make your
video snappy like the 1 I'm sure you're right now so this video is some way helpful in implementing you know this
kind of stuff into your videos because increasing a watch time by increasing
your engagement and shortening your videos will help your videos rank on the
first page of Google I promise you the exact tested it with hundreds of videos
so if you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful to go ahead and do me a
favor hit the like button below go ahead and give it a comment below this video
and if you're interested in learning more about YouTube videos and ranking
them and creating them and having effective video marketing in traffic
generation in your business can go ahead and visit from unmarked dot com food /
22 ube and over there you'll be able to download some free training that I've
put together that is gonna show you exactly how to do this kind of stuff in
your business so anyway hope you find this helpful visit that link if you'd
like to check out that training I think you'll enjoy it and i really appreciate
you checking out this video speaks

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