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How to get the press and the media to write articles about your videos, for you to gain more views and you can increase your visibility? In this video, I will give you one of the strategies to collaborate with journalists, the press and the media. Come, follow me. Hi BOSS Influencers, It's Jessie from Loumax Digital Marketing, to help you grow your business, your income and to live with your passion to online video and Youtube. On our channel, you will find videos of tips and tips, as well as interviews weekly with Boss Influencers and big YouTubers. So if you're new here, consider subscribing and viewing the information present in the description -below. Ok so, how to increase your visibility and views for YouTube videos of any type? A strategy to help your YouTube channel is to get people to write about your channel. But how to do it ? How to get the press and the media to to fall on your videos? For example, if you have a vlogging chain, doing vlogs on the family attracts a lot of people, it works really well. To do this, you need to find out which are the successful websites, or pages Facebook, or Instagram accounts that have viewers who also follow vloggers to success.

Because it is difficult to obtain collaborations with these big chains. So do a thorough research to find out which are the big videos to success and who wrote the article. Then you do research on the journalist who wrote the article by following up on Twitter and you are trying to find an article that he wrote himself reporting, similarly or as much as possible to your brand image. Then, you republish this article on Tweeter and you republish it on the Tweeter page of reporter, talking to him about one aspect of the article that you enjoyed very much. Most of the time, journalists like this. So they will answer you. And that's how you will establish some kind of link with them allowing you to build a relationship. That's one of the ways to do it. When you have a good relationship established, as soon as you come across a video you think they will like, send it to them. A video on which they could write an article and that would not necessarily one of yours. Because you are always looking to gain credibility as a potential source of good content. So, from time to time, intentionally, you would have to create such a video, worthy of arousing the writing of an article.

You could take an extra minute in your video, to explain the reasons that caused you to surprise your daughter, or why you took the trouble to make this video with the family. Because for publishers who have already written articles about these kinds of stories, same as the spectators, you have just offered them a great gift to start the week. I recently watched a video of Bryce Jurgy that explains how he did it. He discovered that the videos of family surprises and puppies worked very well. He arranged with a dog adoption center for them to come to his house with lots of little puppies. He also managed to find publishers, having already written articles in the past about animals and their families, who had already published on Tweeter. He filmed the video and then published it and shared it with some publishers. Some pages have been written on the subject. And it is from these pages that publishers are inspired. And after, it was shared everywhere, and even, with big Facebook pages to success.

He gave them permission to edit the video in their own way but not so exclusive. Because he knew that other journalists might want to use it. All this allowed his video to reach nearly 4.5 million views, while had a small chain at the time with about 5,000 subscribers. It allowed them to be contacted by brands, because after the publication of the video, he was recognized as authority. You must be constantly creating your network of potential collaborators, and potential connections, with the media and the press in this case. What you can do is have a Google document that you continually update with the names of people or websites with whom you would like to collaborate. Try to keep the list relevant. Also try to be as direct as possible with them. In the sense that after sharing an article or a video, contact them for to know if they would like to have other things like that, only if you think it's worth it, Because they do not like being sent an email every day.

It must be occasional. it's only if we think it's worth it really worth the trouble to inform them. If they leave or do not answer, talk to them frankly and ask them if they work or always write for company Y, or if they know someone with who they could put you in contact. You must never send them a ton of emails. So persevere. And if you fail something, just say it's an experience, not only for the people around you, but also for you, so as not to demoralize and you can learn from it.

What is your strategy for working with journalists, the press and the media? Answer this question in the comments below. And remember, the best ideas come from you, the BOSS community Influencers. So connect with everyone in the "Comments" section. I sincerely hope that these tips have been helpful to you, that it has given you ideas for developing your YouTube channel, strength to stay true, and content quality for your audience. So like this video if she brought you something and share it with someone who might need this content. And if you're new here, consider subscribing to Loumax Digital Marketing. And to stay motivated, join us in our Mastermind Group Facebook «C'EST YOU BOSS ", connect with entrepreneurs who support each other.

For that, click on the link under the video. And if you want to know more, have more views and subscribers, look at our training free YouTube that we apply every day at Loumax Digital Marketing. She is totally Free. Take the. It's for you. For that, you just have to click on the YouTube plug in this video or the link in the description below. As always here on Loumax Digital Marketing, we help you develop your business, your income and live your passion through online video and Youtube. Thank you very much for watching this video. Continue tearing everything. And see you soon in the next video.

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