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Google Pixel Slate Is DEAD! Pixel Book 2 Incoming

what's up guys welcome to the weekend
bonus episode we've been putting out a lot of content over the past few days so
if you've been enjoying that please take two seconds to click on that like button
and let me know but today I want to talk about the Google pixel slate because as
far as we know it's dead so there was an official tweet that came out from Google
the other day from an executive member of the made by Google team and he
announced officially that the Google pixel slate – which is a project that
they've been working on since the release of the initial version has been
cancelled and firstly like he's this Google's thing now like do they just
randomly announce stuff on Twitter are they even gonna have events anymore but all
that aside he did say that they've reallocated the team from the pixel
slate 2 all the people who are working on that project or at least the majority
of them are being moved over to the pixel book team so I guess a lot of them
are staying on staff so that's good but I think this was a smart move for Google
to get rid of the Google pixel slate because the reviews of it were really
really bad I mean it was just received in a really mediocre way I'd be
surprised if you even know somebody who purchased one the sales just seemed
awful I still haven't seen one in the wild I've only seen them in stores and
in units that reviewers have and things like that I've I've never just been like
at Starbucks and some guys typing away on his pixel slate I don't know about
you guys but I launched it was super super buggy and even after some of that
was patched the speed just really wasn't there in order to do a lot of the stuff
that you would want to do when I was watching the reviews for it I was like
they're tapping on these apps and they're opening like a minute later it's
really really poorly optimized which seems like something that wouldn't be
super hard to fix but maybe they just realized the competition is just way out
ahead of them because speaking of the competition it's
really good right now the iPad is way out ahead of it in terms of tablet
functionality and infrastructure I mean there's so many apps that are being
developed on a daily basis that work great on iPad and the same just really
isn't true for Android because if you think about it on the iOS side you
have a ton of iOS users who also use tablets but almost nobody's using android
tablets anymore so you say okay well maybe it's closer to like a laptop or a
Chromebook but then when you go that route it's coming nowhere near the
functionality of a Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface can fully break away
as a tablet but still run the full version of Windows 10 so it's definitely
not gonna compete functionality wise in the laptop department and the keyboard
isn't great either of those circular keys is just a little weird I feel like
it would take a long time to get used to and not to mention like they very very
little travel but I guess MacBook keyboard is also a very low travel and
they're selling but it just seems like too many things stacked against this
keyboard you know with the circular keys and the kind of weird clamshell origami
design it's weird it's weird but then you think okay well maybe this can be
the in-betweener maybe this can slot right in between the iPad and the
Microsoft Surface but after dub-dub DC 2019 we know that
with the brand new iPad OS software that I just made a video about the iPad is
actually gonna be way better at this it's gonna maintain all the tablet
functionality that it had previously but now it's gonna get way more laptop
functionality so basically Google knew it was time to quit their Chrome OS
tablet is worse at being a tablet than an iPad and worse at being a laptop than
a surface yet it's also less effective at crossing over than any of those
products on their own so Google's answer pixel book like I said the majority of
the team that was working on the pixel slate 2 that is now not coming out has
been reallocated to the pixel book team if you don't remember the pixel book it
was a Chrome OS laptop that came out close to two years ago I think it was
November of 2017 and it was super well received by reviewers mkbhd and dieter
bone both had wonderful things to say well especially dieter but like when is
he not talking about like weird future of computing style products anyway but
that being said people liked this device I mean testament to that is that it's
almost two years later and most sites are still selling this device for its
full retail value the idea of the pixel book is
that it really focuses on being a great Chrome OS laptop all the time but if you
need it to turn into a tablet for kind of a certain edge case scenario it can
do that and it can do a pretty good job which is overall much better than the
pixels slate which could pretty much only be a subpar tablet or subpar laptop
but don't go buy this two-year-old Chromebook because word on the street is
that the pixel book 2 is just around the corner so here's what we're
expecting to see pixel book 2 should remove those big silly bezels that we
saw on the original pixel book and kind of shift the design language more
towards what we've seen in the Dell XPS laptops and even the huawei mate book
and that display should also get bumped up to a little higher resolution and get
dialed in a little bit brighter the charging should be improved as well with
the addition of fast charging compatibility and speaking of charging
I'm really hoping that charging comes to the pixel book pen yeah I don't know if
you remember this but Google actually launched this little stylus alongside
the original pixel book that was pretty cool it was low latency and didn't
require a lot of connectivity complications it was a pretty good
stylus to be completely fair but its one major flaw is it you can't recharge
it you have to unscrew the top and insert a AAAA battery which who
has that it's such a weird yeah I don't even get me started they should put a
charging port of some kind on this device I don't care if it's magnetic and
attached to the side to wirelessly charge like the Apple pencil 2 I don't
care if it plugs into the bottom like the original Apple pencil I don't care
if you just take a micro USB and plug it in there as much as I hate micro USB I
would accept that over this insane scenario that we're currently living
with now we should also be seeing some processor upgrades as well as the
potential switch from Intel processors to AMD processors which makes me super
excited as an AMD investor because it does seem like AMD is partnering with
absolutely everyone right now but in terms of a Chromebook buyer I'm not
really super concerned about this thing getting 1% faster it was plenty fast in the
first generation in fact if the processor stayed exactly the same I
think you'd be fine the upgrade is more of just a kind of
future proofing scenario but some features that I do care about is
fingerprint unlock and LTE compatibility the addition of these features could
truly be game-changing the ability to take your pixel book anywhere while
still securely unlocking and staying connected all the time is awesome and as
long as it has a half-decent keyboard I think it could give the iPad pro a run
for its money as long as Google doesn't mess this up I
think that they could potentially capture a ton of potential iPad pro
buyers because this device could effectively switch the conversation to
buy an iPad pro it's an awesome tablet but if you need to do any serious typing
you should probably go with the pixel book I don't know maybe I'm just
fanboying out here and it's not gonna get that much attention let me know what
you guys think in the comments below if you enjoyed the video please hit the
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might like it as well with that being said I will see you guys later [chill music]

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