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How to Make a Viral Video and Get Press and Media Attention — Bryce Jurgy Interview

in this video I interview Bryce from the vlogging channel the Jurgys and he shares his tips about how to get press and media to write about your videos so you get more views and exposure coming up hey what's up guys Sean here with video influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video and i'm super pumped to be sitting here today with Bryce from the vlogging channel the Jurgys is how the government good have it be here super pumped to be here we're at CVX live and Bryce it just finished up a session talking all about how to get more exposure get more views for your youtube videos of any kind but specifically this strategy helped grow his vlogging channel and that is really by getting people to write articles about your channel so we're going to jump into some of those tips but first of all what's kind of your story what do you guys doing on youtube and things like that awesome so I was on the industry side with an agency on YouTube years ago where we would make viral commercials for brands and so when you're doing that for brands you want to guarantee as much as you can to help it go viral so we built relationships with journalists and online platforms like crazy So had thousands of contacts and those become irrelevant over the years so I jumped in to be a creator realize it's a totally different world it's hard when you're actually the face and trying to build that brand and so it's been a process but now we're at a point where we have a good sink and we've found our branding and our story and so yeah now we create content well I still consult On the side that's awesome and so definitely check out their vlogging channel but Bryce let's talk about it one of the things that we're going to be breaking down is specifically like kind of how to get press and media about your videos but set up a whole process for actually like reverse engineering the whole thing so share what that's a case study of something that you guys did that work for you and then we'll get into some tips okay so we knew so much just by wife and I know kids yet we know that obviously within vlogging that family blogging has a big following it does really well and so we wanted to help get this image of our channel of oh this is also a cute adorable family to get that following so we looked at reverse engineering what our big websites or Facebook pages or whatever Instagram accounts that have these viewers that all so follow these big vloggers and because we it's hard to get collaborations with these big channels but if you find what are the websites that are writing about these videos so we did a back in search of like okay what are the big videos who wrote that article and then you search and kind of stock that journalist so I edited follow on Twitter you find an article that they wrote that ties into your branding too that's similar and then you tweet out that article tweet it to them and tell them something you appreciate it from it lo is the time they'll like it they'll respond back or they'll establish this connection so you build relationships and that's one way to do it when you have that relationship built and you come across the video that you think they'll appreciate send it to them something they could write an article about and sometimes it's not even your own because you're still building this credibility as someone who's a source for good content so then intentionally everyone once in a while you want to create a video that's basically a story on a platter so maybe you take an extra minute in your video to give some background of why you're doing this surprise for your daughter or why you're creating this piece as a family because editors love that your viewers will too but especially editors and then when you send it to these editors who have already written stories like that it's basically like hey here's your Monday morning just made it easy for you you can write about this video I love that so what's an example of one time that work for you yeah so we we did a we found out okay families surprised videos do really well and puppies and so we I got an adoption center they had a ton of puppies and we had them come when Nellie was at work and filled our house with puppies I had located all these editors who in the past had written about animals and cuteness and families and had tweeted Out them before in the past and then filmed the video and when it went live we shared it with a few of them they didn't pick up at first but there was a few pages that wrote about it and those pages are what other editors pull from and then it got shared everywhere and we shared it with big Facebook pages as well and sometimes you have to give a little bit so we gave them permission to do their own edit but not exclusive right because we knew the other journalists pull from that and it ended up with that video our video on YouTube now has all most it's like four and a half million views almost and we were a small channel at the time we had like 5,000 followers at the time and on Facebook with these other videos it's over 30 million views with like lad Bible unit lad Cuteness overload Inquisitor Daily Mail and so they all linked our page got us a face with check mark it got brands reaching out to us because now we're relevant because of that that's incredible and so how much effort like you also mentioned reaching out to a couple different people and in the amount that maybe it's not going to be like an instant yes one journalist one publication and then one tweet and that's all to work but like maybe you know how much practical hustle kind of goes into something like this I really can take time that's why I encourage people to focus on your niche because you can be like oh this is a huge website but it might have nothing to do with your platform so only go after the ones that are specifically they would care about your following and their followers would care about your content so it one editor for example contacted or ended up meeting or at VidCon and I didn't share a video with her for six months but we had interacted over Twitter and when a video would come up and I see the credits that you look for who wrote it I would tweet her and be like hey solid job and that was it because now we're a friend until where literally last week we uploaded another video and she text me because now you know texting friends now and she was like that was an awesome video just with write that so that's super cool and you know one of the things we always talk about here on video influencers is you always want to be building your network of potential collaborations of potential press and media connections what we like to do is start Google Docs that we just are continually adding names to or people we'd love to collaborate with their websites so that we can kind of circle through that process you guys do anything like that yeah and then we keep it relevant and so and then you're I'm authentic with them so after they share an article or a video reach out to them say hey I love this would you like us to send you more stuff if we think it's worthy right they don't want to be told connecting an email every day but it's only rarely if we think this is worth your time and then we keep them updated and if they leave or if they don't respond just be real be a person with them and say hey I don't know if you're still in the space if you still write for X company if you know someone who does I'd love to be connected with them not spammy ever all right super pumped to have Nellie joining us from the Jurgys for the lightning round you guys ready hateful nervous am well first of all what does lightning look like and sound like good sound effects you've got to go fast like oh yeah that's what happens after your hair sticks out lightning around lightning around three two one favorite TV show oh we don't really watch TV the office and Parks and Rec oh yeah that's true yeah I thought you said so you do actually watch Netflix sort of first celebrity crush you first Justin Timberlake NSYNC Hilary Duff losing McGwire losing McGwire cat or dog dog dog all of them dog favorite social network besides YouTube Instagram Instagram coffee or tea herbal tea peppermint neither sad book that every influencer watching should read to build their influence You answer this first okay then there's this by Bill Wasik he's we got it like he started flash mobs before they happened and he talks about how things trend and leaves and how you can build on that to stay training see I don’t read these kind of books I'm all about like the Holocaust and history and stuff that's a good so we'll check it check that book out will they get up in the description fun alchemists is really good it's really inspiring I just like people's mindset of getting through hard things favorite documentary or movie The Art of Flight by Red Bull love that movie 4k snowboarding epically shot this scene right here I love Lord of the Rings all the way extended versions heck yes good way to spend a day we've done that half of that what is each of your hidden talents do you see each other's because I don't like I have what's why would you say thank you mine is this that is massive skill that those are some power you're talented couple what is one of your no miss morning rituals going outside just if I if I have to walk outside if I run if I stand there just getting outside getting outside no these are hard questions sorry I'm sorry I said I must do something every single morning I usually read no miss if you could give a TED talk what would it be about how to make your life shareable I love that mind over matter alright how has failure or setback in the past set you up for future future success because you learn from it and what's maybe one of your favorite failures okay so with my background in the industry of making viral videos and then our channel we've had goes where we are like this is going to blow up and it hasn't and realizes because we were so focused on we love this it's going to go but the people that will influence and help it take off men not be as passionate about it so that was a good thing to learn to then create content that people already love and how can you weave yours in there love that I really don't feel like you can learn without feeling that's just part of life and if you don't want to come over failure you're not really going to learn so yeah our YouTube channel and I think just everything in life that's how you get better if you fail I don't know a dance tryout you're going to practice harder to be on that dance team yeah I did and I made that dance team at ABU aside you've you nice knowing now what you you know would have told yourself then what advice would you give to your 20 year old self I would say learn as much as you can from experts in the field you care about and don't listen the naysayers like I wish I would have started youtube channel forever ago but I waited until people kind of gave me permission by paving the way and it's always people hate or they have different ideas until it's paved and then they're like oh it's so awesome what you're doing and I wish I would I would tell myself be more courageous doing that love that courage I would say keep pushing yourself I feel like we always have we always feel like we have all the time in the world like I'm only 20 I can do this in two years or three years but then just waste time and then you hit 28 and you're like crap I wish I did all that stuff that I had all that time to do so time goes by fast so just push yourself if you have a dream go for it now even if you’re not sure about it go for it do you have a quote or a saying that you like to live your life by or think about often just consistency and then sometimes I throw an accountability consistent and account a consistency and accountability love it um stay positive I just got to stay positive stay positive and be consistent as a great mantra and then lastly favorite place in the whole wide world and why I love Africa my heart's in Africa the people that are just so humble and kind and just like love you and it just makes you think about life I love Africa I've been to Kenya but I would go anywhere in Africa I would say yeah that Africa was sweet also there's a small village in Vietnam we were at that besides Idaho I love the fields in Idaho where I grew up but that's always therapeutic but in Vietnam we were in the tam Kok village I Butch saying it but we were on this canoe going through rice fields and all these mountains and it was just like it was awesome yeah so serene so awesome super super cool guide thank you so much Natalie thanks for joining us for the lightning round appreciate it one more lightning how are you supposed to like alright finally for those watching you know what where can people find your stuff at the Jurgys so on Instagram or Twitter and then on YouTube /the Jurgys so check out all their style their channel their vlog and Plus that will be in the description below final word of encouragement for influencers watching for just continuing to go maybe they're discouraged or maybe they're doing great and they just want to do even better final sending off word just just keep at it and whenever anything fails just call it an experiment and so not only to other people to yourself so you don't get to down and you learn from it and grow so and if you have questions hit me up because I'm learning with you so I love that sometimes you win sometimes you learn influencers thanks so much for checking out this video Bryce really just want to affirm and just acknowledge you know we've kind of been like meeting we met at VidCon we met here it's been awesome to hear the students really smart love what you guys are doing love your vlog and love how you're helping people and just always you know modeling excellence and leveling everything up really appreciates you influencers can keep it locked here subscribe if you haven't yet because we are helping you build your influence income and impact with online video keep crushing it and we will talk soon how are we supposed to like

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