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Service Dog Training: Pulling up Window Blinds -actual training- comparison of 2 dogs

Finding out to drop the blinds actual coaching pictures both dogs have prior expertise with tugging see the link to drag videos above this venture refines these behaviors so the canine learns to manipulate her teeth and mouth higher start taking part in with a sturdy material twine like a cat toy yes mark can reward any interaction with us sure sure ok yes Jesse tries a brand new conduct with it yes sure yes Lucy plays with it slightly another way you yes yes yes yes to get her to back up and increase the tension i shorten the string sure it works subsequent session we lose the game in the direction of window sure yes my role is most important because it determines what course the puppies pull yes sure yes sure due to the fact that of the way the wire releases I stand so the dogs move back on to the correct yes sure sure yes now the training twine is connected to the genuine blind cord we with pulling up only one aspect so there is much less anxiety it’s putting low so she has a choice of the place to grab it I readjust it so it would not get caught on the opposite blind a lightbulb second why not clicking unless she’s giving me just like what she did before i know she will try harder that’s referred to as surfing the extinction burst in case you push it too far although you chance getting the dog too frustrated and stopping the conduct altogether however this time she chooses to offer two poles in a row and we’re that a lot toward the final behavior Lucy progresses quickly you figured it up decide upon up next session practice extra polls then swap sides permit every week time for her to determine it out here I let her determine tips on how to repair the quandary to maintain the blinds up it is strong what they each complete in simply three brief sessions maintain watching for more training sessions

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