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Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE!

– Wanna get began withaffiliate advertising without cost? On this video i am gonna share with you 5 actionable steps to get started with affiliatemarketing totally free today. No money down, no money upfront, you received nothing to lose so keep gazing, stay tuned. Hello, what is up guys? Odi productions here and i’m back. It can be been as a minimum a weeksince I’ve made my final video. When you guys overlooked it, in my final video I taught the fine ways to get started with affiliate advertising on any price range. So whether or not you may have nomoney, whether you have got $one hundred or up to $1,000 I teach thebest ways to invest that cash to get started off on the correct foot with affiliate marketingand on this video today i am clearly expandingupon that first process which is how to get started at no cost, the best way to get started with none money down.You truly bought nothingto lose, there is no threat. I’m gonna coach you the fine way to get started today without cost and i’m gonna give youguys five actionable steps on now not only getting began by way of how you can effectively create an affiliated advertising industry for in actual fact no cash down. Now, it is predominant for me to claim that if you are entering this you’re gonna be at adisadvantage compared to men and women who’re willing to investsome cash up front. So it might be naive of me to inform you if compared to investing100 to 1,000, $500 you’re gonna see thesame quantity of results or success quicker than individuals who just get started without cost. So simply wanna put thatlittle disclaimer available in the market but nonetheless, you canstill get started at present.There’s nothin’ to lose solet’s get proper into it. So i am gonna put the time stamp correct right here for those who wanna skip proper to the steps. Earlier than that I did wanna just supply some lifestyles updates actual quickjust to replace you guys on the place i’ve been and whatI’ve been up to these days. Lifestyles’s been lovely crazy. I feel I said that in my final video too but my final video I introducedmy new rental right here, as you guys can see. I obtained the little guy, Taco. Should you guys have not met himyet this is my pup, hello Taco. Say hi. He is lovable and he is so fantastic. Taco, he is a French bulldog.He’s about 11, maybeclose to 12 weeks historic now but he’s just a bit angel. Look at him, oops. (laughs) anyways, so in these days Iactually simply received off a call with an NFL player, Stepfan Taylor who in reality is the leadingrusher, running again for Stanford in college football and he performed for theArizona Cardinals as good. In order you guys can seeright right here I acquired the clip kinda saved proper right here. Probably i’m going to throw theclip in here proper now where you guys can see just a little bit, introduce him a little bit to the channel. Whats up what’s up guys? Correct now I just finisheda name with Stepfan Taylor who is proper right here. We have been speakme on Skype. – What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? – [Odilon] Yo, how’s it goin? – just right man, it is been a just right call. – [Odilon] i’m happy,i am joyful to listen to it man. Did you get quite a few price from that? – I did, I did. I appreciate it man, you know. We acquired some matters cookin’.- [Odilon] yes, sir, sure sir. Yeah, me and Stepfanhere, we bought a pair, we’re schemin’ up low key. We received some trade ideasthat he awarded to me. And this man, I mean he’sgot numerous nice ideas but this person who he’sgonna be goin’ after is gonna be, I thinkis gonna be a significant hit. It can be gonna be a hit. However yeah, i’m completely happy toconnect with you man.It can be quite dope to beable to connect with you. And how precisely did you to find my channel and the path and the whole lot? – I determined it on YouTube. Literally, i do not knowwhat I was once watching however I noticed on the monitor, considering i have been interestedin advertising matters like that. So i am perpetually doing somelearning, so I clicked it and i used to be like huh, then Ishot you a DM on Instagram pronouncing I appreciatethat obvious content material and you recognize, I purchased the direction. – yes sir. Man, that’s outstanding, that is loopy. It can be loopy. You played for the Arizona Cardinals, he performed for the Stanford Cardinals. I inspiration that was once kinda funny,enjoying for the Cardinal. But yeah, this is insane,he’s within the course, and we have been workingtogether on this mentoring and he’s interested inthe affiliate marketing. And you know, so it is been lovely brilliant. So, okay man, thanks, admire that. Simply obtained off a name with Stepfan Taylor. We talked affiliate marketing because he is truely a pupil of mine in Affiliate advertising and marketing Champ. So no comic story, an NFL player is in my path.He DM’d me on Instagram. He’s a paid student. He joined about a week agoand it can be simply so crazy. So i’m gonna put that clip proper there so that you guys can watch that. So aside from the interviewwith Stapfan Taylor I used to be in Scottsdale for roughly a week on Thanksgiving vacationwith my lady friend and her loved ones (squeaktoy being compressed) hiya Taco, maintain quiet. I was once there for a week, it used to be gorgeous. It used to be my first time in Scottsdale. I’ve been to Arizonabefore but best Phoenix and Scottsdale is simply, it is potent.There are such a lot of great exercises cars. The weather used to be beautiful. It was just a first-rate situation to be. So i will exhibit some clips here from my travel that I recorded on my mobile or whatever however it used to be a satisfactory time andshoutout to my lady friend who additionally unpacked my entire place. In my final video there was abunch of big boxes proper here. Everything’s cleaned out now. I made it a bit of messy, that’s my dangerous. I form of made the situation messy again however she unpacked my wholeplace so shoutout to her. However yeah, so truly, ya understand, just received again from trip. I have been connecting witha lot of persons nowadays. It is been beautiful crazy but it’s time to get on to the meat andpotatoes of this video and it is just to jump into the 5 steps for the way to get started, I’mgonna use the whiteboard, with affiliate advertising free of charge.Let’s get it. O.K. Guys, so we are gonnahop onto this whiteboard and i am gonna start with the 1st step for how to get began withaffiliate advertising and marketing without cost. So step one proper here,as you guys can see is you have to opt for your area of interest. Alright, so step one is deciding on a area of interest. You ought to come upwith sincerely the topic or the market that you want to move after for your business. So determining a niche isgonna be a tough decision for lots of persons whoare simply getting began and here’s my advice for that. I get a lot of individuals who inquire from me, should I select somethingthat i am keen about or should I decide on anything that is extra explicitly rewarding? And my recommendation for you, ifyou’re simply getting began, principally in case you’regetting started without spending a dime, is to simply go after a nichethat you are enthusiastic about, as a minimum on your first industry.Now i am not pronouncing that forevery trade that you simply create you must just straight up go for passion over let’s say profit. But to your first one,notably the primary one I consider it is okay to go in your passion. So for me, my firstaffiliate marketing business is RecordingNow.Com, whichI clearly have correct here on my headphones, you guys cansee the brand Recording Now. And also you guys can visitthe internet site correct now. It is a residence recording website. So that’s the area of interest thatI selected was once residence recording for my first affiliate advertising and marketing industry. And the article is I did not do any research after I went into dwelling recording. The rationale why I didit is given that actually I just love making song. I like producing music andI happen to already have this abilities in that enterprise which gave me a aggressive advantage. And so for you if youhappen to know anything or you are passionate about some thing, possibilities are you havecompetitive advantages comparable to extra capabilities and expertise that you would be able to utilize in your small business that will allow you tocreate higher content material, it is going to permit you to basicallyserve your viewers better if you’re knowledgeableabout a unique discipline.So again, one factor I wanna say is you do not ought to be an knowledgeable. A variety of humans believe thatokay, but i am now not an informed. I love doing this however i am no longer an informed, i’m no longer an authority. Well the article is you don’thave to be an informed, guys. You just need to knowenough to teach any individual else or to help any person else. So actually, it can be a limiting perception to think that you simply must bethe world’s main proficient to coach any person somethingbecause it’s not real. That you would be able to begin in these days, youdon’t ought to be an informed, but you understand, keep studying, maintain going, and eventually one dayyou will become an proficient.So quantity one, selecting a niche. Go together with whatever you’repassionate about in the beginning considering one, it can be something you have got acompetitive abilities in, and quantity two it is simplybecause you won’t get burned out. Now the predicament is ifyou go after some thing that you’re not keen about, so let’s assume you go aftersomething like laser technology. O.K., i don’t knowanything about lasers. I do not particularly maintain lasers however shall we say it can be totally rewarding to speak about lasers, k? And if i am going into this and i begin developing content material about lasers and i try some productsthat i know nothing about in the laser industryI’m gonna get burned out for the reason that frankly i do not care,it can be not fun for me, ya be aware of? You wanna do somethingthat is gonna fulfill you and it can be no longer justfinancially but fulfill you in a sense of having enjoyable,in a way of giving you a way of enjoyment and accomplishment.So number one, go with somethingyou’re enthusiastic about so you don’t get burned out and some thing that youhave advantages in already. So step number two. The next step, this is howyou get began without spending a dime, that is the key step right here guys. Writing it down, step quantity two. Boom, begin a YouTube channel. Increase, that is the important thing proper there. For those who wanna get began free of charge you have got to start a YouTube channel. There is no other way that’s higher than creating a YouTubechannel for many explanations. So in general what you can do if you happen to had let’s consider 70 to $a hundred to spend you really only want about 70 bucks to create a internet site in this day and age, which is absolutely what I taughtin one in every of my final movies, which i’ll hyperlink to proper here. The place I taught a university student how one can get began withaffiliate marketing for $a hundred. Mostly you would have a website. That’s the pleasant approach to get began. However you might additionally justcreate a YouTube channel. So I by and large recommendif you could have the money to really create both the website and the YouTube channel and mix it, that is where the magic occurs.Nevertheless, if you have nomoney, you are lifeless broke, that you would be able to start a YouTube channel. It’s free, it is completelyfree to get began. It does not price you anything, growing movies, posting videos. It does not rate youanything to post a video. This video i’m postingright now it price me $zero. I am gonna upload it in these days. It is more often than not gonnareach hundreds of individuals and it did not cost me a single cent, it did not fee me a single penny. So that’s the great thing about YouTube and you know, i know there may be gonna be alot of resistance correct now. There is gonna be someof you who’re pronouncing I don’t know the best way to create videos, i am shy, i don’t wanna get on digital camera. Hearken to me, take heed to meright now, degree with me.That is the fine strategy to get started and there are a lot of thingsthat that you may work round when it comes to making videos. And you probably have weaknesses, like let’s assume you don’t like being on digital camera you don’t have got to be on digital camera, guys. If you watch my reviewvideos from my headphones from RecordingNow.Com and these movies have gotten hundredsof hundreds of views, there are plenty of videos,in reality in no longer a single video do I share my face. In fact, I just do a voiceover. I do voiceovers and that i featurethe headphones in my arms however I by no means share myself,I not ever show my face, nothing like that. So you would do this. Yet another manner is you might rent anyone, you might rent someone toeither make these videos for you or deal with the video modifying if you’re no longer excellent at that. The one other choice is to outsource.You ought to outsource it to someone else. For those who do not wanna make movies you ought to get anybody else to do it. Now, the article is in case you’rebroke, if you don’t have any money to spend you can not payanyone to do the videos so you must make ’em yourself. And ya recognize, there may be gonna bea lot of resistance here once more however believe me, that is thebest method and i’m going to give an explanation for why. Considering whilst you create a YouTube video and you create a YouTube channel that you would be able to get traffic to yourcontent totally free, for free. YouTube, if you happen to lookon the right-hand side there is a bunch of videos there, proper? These are recommended videos. And it does not fee anythingto have a prompt video. And in case you create videosabout targeted issues, a special discipline and someone, let’s assume there’s a viewer on YouTube, they’re simply searching round and they’re already gazing stuff that is to your market or topicyour video could pop up there and that’s the beauty of it.That you would be able to get views totally free on YouTube and it doesn’t rate youanything to create this content material. I mean, if in case you have an iPhone that correct there is your video camera. You don’t have got to purchase an expensive digicam. All you need is a smartphonethat can file video which is all of the smartphones at the moment. And they make some beautiful darngood video best as well. So no excuses, begin a YouTube channel. It is the quality method. If you happen to don’t wanna do the YouTube channel you have to create a website. Nevertheless, it expenses somemoney to make a website.About 70 to $eighty to getstarted with a website, that’s almost always thecheapest which you could get began and actually that’s what I advise. However you know, this videois about starting without cost. So we’re getting real scrappy,we’re bootstrapping correct now so we gotta do the YouTube channel. That is our best choice. So quantity three, afteryou’ve chosen your niche, after you will have began your YouTube channel, so number three and 4 thesetwo steps are interchangeable however truly you’ve got tojoin the affiliate applications.So the one that I alwaysrecommend for newcomers is known as Amazon buddies. If you have not heard about it, it is Amazon’s affiliate application. When you ever see, for those who eversee hyperlinks in YouTube videos for products you understand ifsomeone does a evaluation video and then there is Amazonlinks within the description, possibilities are those areAmazon neighbors hyperlinks. Which is the largestaffiliate application on the earth where you can sincerely linkto any product on Amazon and earn a commission ifsomeone purchases anything inside 24 hours. So beautiful cool stuff. You have got to join the affiliate software and that is why now we have tocreate the YouTube channel when you consider that whilst you jointhe Amazon neighbors affiliate software theyask you for a internet site. Now in the event you would not have a internet site which you can definitely substituteit with a YouTube channel.But what you wanna do is you wanna ensure thatYouTube channel appears lived in. You wanna make thatYouTube channel appear love it simply has somedecent content material on there. You do not just wanna havean empty YouTube channel which is why steps three and four are kinda interchangeablebecause step number four is to create content, correct there. So this is able to be videos. When you had a internet site, contentwould be blog articles or posts but for a YouTube channel the content material that youcreate, they are videos. And so what you wanna dowhen you create this content material is you wanna create content material that will get people in that shopping phase. So what does this imply? Truly when men and women,they wanna buy something. Let’s assume they wanna buy anew pair of headphones, right? What do they do? They log on and they do research. They read they usually watchreview movies, correct? So they learn, they watchreviews, they watch comparisons. You might have seen these movies, ? Stuff like prime five headphones,bluetooth headphones of 2017 stuff like that, right? So this content material is extremelypowerful and robust for promoting products when you consider that it straight speaks to people who’re in that buying section.Now there are some humans,the phases of promoting are like studying, there is purchasing, there is individuals who areready to make a purchase order, then there’s men and women who arejust discovering a topic. So you do not necessarilywant to arrive individuals who are looking up, whatis bluetooth, proper? You wanna be reachingpeople who are watching up what are the excellent bluetoothheadphones for $200 in 2017? That’s what you wanna be concentrating on alternatively than an awfully normal subject, proper? So clearly you wanna create content material that gets persons in that buying section in view that it can be gonna be somuch less difficult for you to promote if someone is already willing to purchase, you just ought to givethem that tender push to get them to make that purchase.So step quantity 4, that’s content material. And in that content material you putthe Amazon pals links. You put your affiliatelinks in the description of the content and it can be very simple. And i’ve a tip for youguys to develop your clicks, develop your revenue. In the event you do have these videos,you’re developing this content you have got the links in the description. Make sure within the video that you just mention and you inform peopledirectly to click on the hyperlink in the description, why? In view that for some rationale peoplelike being instructed what to do and you know, you can also disagree with that.Plenty of folks, maybe you are a insurgent. But psychologically human beingslike being given recommendations it makes matters simpler. You know, you do not ought to think as so much. So for this kind ofcontent, what you wanna do is you wanna inform peopleto click that hyperlink within the description butalso provide an incentive. Now, the incentive that I on the whole go along with is good day, if you need to save some cash, if you want a discount then click on the link in the description to get the lowest fee on hand. And Amazon by and large hasthe lowest costs anyhow so via announcing that and givingthat incentive and initiative, telling them to take motion,it is so much more strong than putting the hyperlink up thereand then no longer speaking on it on your video, right? So that right there, golden nugget.Number five, step numberfive of our 5 steps to commencing an affiliatemarketing business for free. Step quantity five, thisright here goes to be, i am just gonna name it distribution but let me broaden upon that. So distribution, thereya go, distribution. So honestly in my callwith Stepfan earlier at present we discussed content material and distribution. So there are two aspects of the coin, certainly one of them is you ought to create content, content that sells. You must make good videosthat get folks to buy, that get men and women excited to make a purchase order that get persons offered, basically. So you ought to create rather excellent movies. Now quantity two, the opposite aspect of the coin or the opposite aspect of theball is distribution. You have to distribute this content material when you consider that you might create the greatest revenue video on this planet but when no one watches it how many products are you gonna sell? Now not a trick query, it can be quite simple.If your video gets visible through zero men and women chances are you’re gonnamake zero revenue, proper? So the question is lovely simple, it’s beautiful easy. How do you get traffic to your content material? How do you get eyeballs inorder to get these revenue, correct? So I get this question alot, usually just about daily, and i get humans askingme how do you get site visitors to your content in an effort to get sales? And there may be plenty of techniques here and i educate some specificstrategies to my students; however, essentially it can be quite simple guys.There is two ways to get traffic. One of them is organic, certainly one of them is how toget site visitors without cost. And you realize, there is aton of distinct methods that you may get free traffic; however, it can be no longer as mighty as paidtraffic to be honest with you and just to be straight up. When you consider that when you don’t have any following, various humans ask,how do I get no traffic with no following? The bottom line is paid site visitors. You have to pay for it and , beggars can’t be choosers. For those who don’t have a following, if you have no subscribers, you haven’t any followers and you’re growing content material,nobody’s gonna watch it you understand, except youuse free traffic approaches otherwise you pay for it. Now, i’m a huge believerin you gotta pay to play. I am a gigantic believer ininvesting in your small business so I consider that youshould use paid visitors to get results so much faster.Nonetheless, this video isabout beginning totally free. So let’s double down on the free approach which would be you must simply promote in as many free channels as possible. And this entails essentially bootstrapping and getting scrappy with it. It method gorilla advertising procedures. So it way stuff likegoing on forums, proper? And happening YouTubecomments and now not spamming. You have got to prevent unsolicited mail at all bills seeing that there is a means todo free visitors; however, it’s not in being spammy or sincerely throwing upyour links in every single place. How to do free trafficis as much as feasible if that you can provide value to humans and if that you could make itas natural and organic as viable, so that implies giving earlier than taking, you gotta supply to get, thendo that as a lot as feasible.So if you’re on a discussion board forexample answer questions, support men and women out, furnish aperspective, say thanks, admire people and theyare more more likely to you recognize, scratch your again in return versus humans who just ask, they only take, take, take. They’re like hey, I needthis, i want that, aid me, aid this, support that. Humans are not gonna wanna support you if you are no longer willing togive them whatever in return or within the first situation. And one of the crucial key lawsor ya recognize tactics in have an impact on and persuasionis reciprocation. That’s giving anybody something without necessarily askingfor something in return correct then and there however just giving.On the grounds that the extra you givethe extra worth you give the more you’re gonnareceive in the end and that is the bestway to head about things. Do not chase the rapid buck due to the fact that is truthfully gonna damage you more than it is gonna support you. What you wanna do is youwanna supply as a lot as possible so as to get. So that correct there, thatis my views on free visitors is you need to make itas natural and organic as possible. That is the keyword, natural. Do not make it look like a sale. If men and women be aware of that they may be being offered to they do not adore it, right? So as a substitute, why don’t you definitely attempt to furnish some real valueto men and women and aid folks out.That approach the whole lot comes a lot less complicated. So distribution, againsince the problem is we’re kinda restricted here sincewe are speakme about free you’re no longer gonna be aseffective as any one who has the method to do paidtraffic and invest in ads. And it would not even have got to be that much. It can be $5 per day andthat would literally land you dozens if now not thousands of views. Sincere, feel about that. When you do come up on some dollars, you do need to spend money on paid visitors, and i are not able to get into that in this video, it could actually take mehours to speak about my techniques for paid traffic.This video is just aquick primer on in actual fact giving you guys a five-step strategy on how one can get began without cost today. So anyhow, that wraps up the method. I’m hoping you guys enjoy that. I am hoping you guys acquired value from it. For those who did please right now, thumbs up and remark under letting me know or else i’m now not gonna be aware of,i’m not gonna hear you, and the extra likes andcomments this video will get the extra i am gonna createcontent just like this and keep making thoseaffiliate advertising videos. So in the event you guys did findvalue in that, you understand, take two seconds to present ita thumbs up and to remark but that wraps up this video. One last thing that I wanna method is I wanna contact upon the path seeing that so lots of you are interested and you’re messaging me day-after-day and commenting about the path. But truly things have beenpretty crazy in an effective way. We’ve got thousands, countless numbers of pupils and that i imply the diversityof the pupils is insane.Like I stated prior, Stepfan Taylor. We got NFL participant within the direction. I’ve these YouTubers who’ve practically halfa million subscribers who actually simply joinedthe course as good and who i’m working withright now and mentoring. I acquired Iman Gadzhi who isa 17-year-historic entrepreneur who makes a speciality of private branding and social media marketing who has remodeled$300,000 at 17 years ancient. He’s in the direction as good. So clearly thingshave been pretty crazy. I have been making a lot ofreally cool connections and the satisfactory section has been the results that my scholars have been seeing. So I just wanna share this with you guys. One among my students, his identify is John.And he posted this the day before today. He posted this photograph. He has been in the course for I consider only a couple weeks now and he just made and launched his internet site. And as you guys can seehere in a one-week span November twenty first to November 27th 2017, in a one-week span he soldover $600 worth of items on Amazon with a 20% conversion rate. So it’s pretty nuts. These numbers to some people, they is probably not that impressive, ya comprehend, but to me this is strong. This man just got startedand he had no experience, no historical past, and he simply created his first affiliate marketingwebsite and business and is getting earnings.He bought over 20 items in a one-week span. And that is nuts to me in view that this is justthe establishing for him. And i know that if he sticksto this and he keeps working I mean that is gonna be 10 times as much, 100 occasions as so much sooner or later. So it’s rather insane forme to peer these students getting results in sucha short interval of time due to the fact for me it took me solong to get my first 20 income and men and women are doing that in every week.And i’ve other studentswho without a doubt have earned over $1,000 from the course by myself in nearly every week or two span. So once more, I in no way preach get rich rapid, and my course shouldn’t be for the persons who are looking to make aquick buck, it’s not for you. It can be for folks who’re lookingto make an extended-time period trade and company that’s gonna last formonths if now not years to come. It’s gonna make you money on trip just adore it did for me once I was once in Scottsdale,Arizona last week. So for those who guys areinterested in the direction, again I recounted in my last video that the fee goes up and i am about to increasethe rate through Friday. So I stated Friday within the last video, it is gonna be this Fridaythat i’m gonna be increasing the price of the direction due to the fact that i’m gonna be wrappingup the email advertising and marketing module which i am increasing upon. However yeah, so basicallyit’s been a quality ride. So many connections, so many cool people have been within the path havebeen sharing their experiences, have been sharing theirresults and success.So it can be been so quality andif you guys have an interest shoot me a message or hop in there considering i might love to work with you, i might love to peer you in there. So, in any case, appreciate the whole lot guys. I desire you a pleasant relaxation of your day. I am hoping you guys keep productiveand you stay optimistic. Alright, catch you guysin the following one, peace..

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