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[Multi Sub] Crystal Healing for “Health” (2) [中文字幕] 水晶療癒系列 “健康“ (2)

Hello, this is "fun", hello my channel (Chinese greetings) If this is the first time you've seen my video I'm a power processor and a spiritual consultant This channel is about lifting your vibration for a better life on the new ground Today I offer you Malchite and It sends you energy healing through crystal for your health issues I have cleared and recharged the crystal and you can receive power transmission through my video clips In the first series Crystal Crystal Video I've made some basics About how to choose and purify crystals if you have not seen Please check this video before sending please let us take a look Properties of healing of malachite According to the site "Healing with Crystal" Malachite is a very multiple healing stone that has a long list of healing properties Mainly helps the malachite in reducing cramps including menstrual cramps Lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, fractures and swelling of joints, Growth, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, optic nerve, spleen and thyroid It aligns DNA and cellular structures and enhances the immune system Saline stimulates the liver to release toxins which reduces acidification of tissues Malachite promotes the development of female genitalia Heals their illnesses, it stimulates nerves and brain activity Malachite also helps to communicate with life Sweetness It's a good stone if you have diabetes Or healing of pancreatic issues or challenges in the digestive system Malachite can help restore strength and vitality after illness Reconstructing or repairing tissue after surgery It supports the formation of red blood cells Help oxygen from the body and overall vitality Malachite is excellent for reducing inflammation due to sprains, strains or other infections It can be used to support fasting detoxification And other ritual cleansing.

It is a great help for digestion These are some examples here You can look at the details in the link I put in the description section below Please note that I am not a doctor what you offer today Helps you improve your physical condition at the energy level So please consult with your doctor for any medical treatment The transfer of energy I send today is very pure and organic This is to help you release energy clogging in your physical body As I mentioned in our other videos our passion is also a form of energy We are here to experience emotions on the planet but sometimes we are Adhere to some emotions and not leave this over a period of time It accumulates and stores cells in our organs part of our body Create some obstacles that we may not be aware of until we face some physical pain or organ problems That is why it is important to release our feelings properly You can check my music to heal videos in another series Helps you release emotions right away Now let's move on to a healing transition What I'm going to do now is send you healing energy through the malachite It helps you to release whatever you are ready for the day I will play some background music for 15 minutes You can simply be in any convenient position to receive the transmission You can pause and play the video again when you're ready Now in a comfortable position Take a deep breath in and breathe when you breathe relaxed your whole body You can repeat several times if you love now you can adjust your intention to receive the transmission If you have any specific physical conditions Or simply allowing the energy to work for you in any part of the body needs attention Now breathe again and breathe Relax and unload any thoughts in your mind now you can either stare at the crystal on the screen Or blink your eyes in either case is ok and I will start sending for 15 minutes Please note what it feels like is normal Just respect it and your body will adjust what is meant Now take a deep breath and slowly bring your consciousness back to your body You can open your eyes slowly after transferring a good idea to drink some water To help you expel toxins in your body You can watch this video on a regular basis a period of time to get a better result You can pause the video if you need more time as long as the screen is on Disinfecting energy is instant and depending on how much you left As our body cells rejuvenate in different sessions it takes a few weeks for a few months For our physical body to feel the difference You can use this video as a daily video cleansing energy or meditation Just like how to bathe every day is not a witch for a day for you To remove all the obstacles at once but we can gradually reduce them It is also important to keep positive thinking please check the water experience In the first video to heal the crystal which frequency we emission affects the whole body Real healing occurs when you leave attachments that hinder you I hope you enjoy a mini healing session with Malachite today Let me know how you feel after contacting with crystal Leave your comments in the comments section I love interacting with you there Thank you very much for watching if you have not already watched my other videos, please visit my playlist Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell icon I hope to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of this year We also appreciate a little donation to support my channel You are more than welcome to join my Facebook and Instagram where I participate Some other resources out there you can find all these details in the description section below If you think my videos can help people in any way, feel free to share them In your social media Thank you for your support and I will see you in the video, bye!

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