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Hip Hop Fitness Moves : How to Pop It in Hip Hop Fitness

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Safi
Thomas from the Blade Academy this is Cynthia Brown from the Hip Hop dance conservatory
all here in New York City and we're bringing you hip hop fitness. Alright so the next thing
we're going to moving into is muscle development. And for muscle development in hip hop we're
going to be use popping, which is hard real hard hits, that actually gets your muscles
tight and get them nice and strong, we're going to start off with whats called a popping
press. Something that Mr. Wiggles in bay area came up with, so lets start. Arms coming up
here, take a deep breathe in, and then tightened up, tightened up and bring it down on the
count of 8 6 7 and on 8 you pop and up 2 3 4 5 6 7 pop, that's whats called a popping
press and then when you get to that you can do like here, here and you can do fresno pop
all types of different popping excersices which builds up your muscles..

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