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Don’t Let Anyone Outwork You – Study Motivation

that's just I just believe that I
believe that I can create whatever I want to create if I can put my
head on it right study it learn the patterns and you know I just I it's hard
to put into words real metaphysical esoteric nonsense but I feel very
strongly that we are who we choose to be the only thing that I see that is
distinctly different about me is I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill right I
will run you will not be outworked I will not be be outworked right period
you know you might have more talent than me you might be smarter than me you
might be sexier than me you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine
categories but if we get on the treadmill together right there's two
things you're getting off first yeah or I'm gonna die it's really that simple
right so let's go back to the question about what if people block me out there's gonna be two options yeah I'm gonna get back in or I'm going to be
dead yeah right it's like you're not going to outwork me it's a it's a very
is such a simple basic concept is the the guy who was willing to hustle the
most is gonna be the guy that just gets that loose ball you know he got oh he
got that oh okay he got two oh god he's hustling grabbed that one that was gonna be
out of bounds but he saved it back in it's like the commodity that I see the
majority of people who aren't getting the places they want or aren't achieving
the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle
it's strictly based on being outworked it's strictly based on missing crucial
opportunities and people get this one wrong I think from college and
it's that if you have a set amount of time to dedicate to any sort of learning
endeavor you are much better off spending that time a little bit every
day then you are in one batched process there's some things in life that do
better in batching learning is not one of them because learning comes from
repetition right I see people in college they go but wait a second I crammed for my
last test I did fine eight hours straight I studied yes but how much did
you remember three days later if you're trying to build a skill you're trying to
rewire your brain create new neural pathways say you're playing the piano if
you sit down for three hours and play play play play play play play and then
come back a week later you're not gonna have it but if you sit down for a half
hour a day walk away come back the next day half hour you're getting to review
what you did in a much shorter time span that's going to help you learn faster so
keep in mind when you have something this consistency every single day with
the exception of things that require rest like weight training you want to
keep that up now a couple of caveats here first thing is this takes much more
will power it's a lot easier for people to go I'm gonna run really hard for one
day than it is to do it for a year a little bit every day so if you're
working on willpower you haven't mastered that check out our video on
willpower it's gonna help you with that and the second thing is that this is
true of learning and practicing though not necessarily of production I'm a
writer and if you're learning to write I recommend you read and write every day
but if you're writing your masterpiece some people myself included do better to
have these just complete flow experiences of six hours at a time you
write write write write write walk away for a week and then come back to it so
learning and production not necessarily the same mechanics going on here if you
configure your life so that what you are genuinely doing is aiming at the highest
possible good then the things that you need to to survive and to thrive on a
day-to-day basis will deliver themselves to you that's a hypothesis and it's not
some simple hypothesis right because it what it basically says is if you dare to
do the most difficult thing that you can conceptualize your life will work out
better than it will if you do anything else well how are you gonna find out if
that's true well it's a Kierkegaardian leap of faith there's no way
you're gonna find out whether or not that's true unless you do
it so no one no one can tell you either because just because it works for
someone else I mean that's interesting and all that but it's no proof that
it'll work for you you have to be all-in in this game there is no more effective
way of operating in the world than to conceptualize the highest good that you
can and then strive to attain it there's no more practical pathway to the kind of
success that you could have if you actually knew what success was the world
shifts itself around your aim because you're a creature that has a name you have to
have a name in order to do something you're an aiming creature you look at a
point and you move towards it it's built right into you and so you have a name
well let's say your aim is the highest possible aim well then so that sets up
the world around you it organizes all of your perceptions it organizes what you
see and you don't see it organizes your emotions and your motivations so you
organize yourself around that aim and then what happens is the day manifests
itself as a set of challenges and problems and if you solve them properly
then you stay on the pathway towards that aim and you can concentrate on the day and so that way you get to have your cake and eat it too
because you can you can point into the distance the far distance and you can
live in the day and it seems to me that that's that makes every moment of the
day supercharged with meaning that that's how because if everything that
you're doing every day is related to the highest possible aim that you can
conceptualize well that's the very definition of the meaning that would
sustain you in your life really the secret to all learning and the secret to
all study it's so so simple you want to know the secret it's really this
learning equals repetition it's just repetition that's all learning is people
think that well oh I'm not as smart as this guy I'm not as smart as that guy
there's little smarts that are actually required for learning learning is really
dumb learning is just repetition brute force repetition
again and again and again and again and again if you repeat something enough
times your brain is going to learn it no matter what even if you're the worst
student this was the key thing that I discovered early in 10th Grade I
discovered this right when my results just totally skyrocketed with my grades
and my studying habits and everything because I discovered really this one
secret to all of learning it's just repetition
I literally discovered that my brain can learn anything I can memorize anything
any quantity of things any complexity of things I can memorize just through study
and now study is not something that you just do to memorize stuff so it's not
about memorization to me I don't really care about memorizing things that's not
important but what is important is first of all
you are tested a lot of memorization skills in school so that's just part of
the school system as imperfect as it is so that will help you with getting
amazing grades but also when you do repeat stuff over and over and over
again what happens is that yes you memorize stuff but also you get these
deeper interconnections your mind starts connecting the dots and it does all this
stuff mostly unconsciously you're not consciously sitting there and coming up
with really like crafty clever techniques and ideas what's happening is
that you're just immersing yourself in the field of study and you're repeating
things again and again and again and again and again and your mind just can't help
making those interconnections for you and that process is actually really
enjoyable you can be a history maker or you can be liked by everyone around you
you can't be both I mean the very nature of living your personal greatness and
doing something otherworldly in our world of ours means you're gonna have to
think differently from the majority you're gonna have to install the habits
and routines that most people don't do you're going to have to live talk
breathe walk work produce create in a way that most people who are
card-carrying members of the cult of mediocrity just don't buy into when you
look at most people out on the world today and this is not judging this is
just reporting but they're addicted to entertainment they love gossiping
they're negative they're toxic anyone who wants to do anything great they want
to bring them down they dismiss the game changers and they're just coasting
through life and so the very nature of you stepping up your game living your
greatest potential owning your craft dominating your field and living a life
that's legendary means you're gonna have to leave the 5% and make a decision to
live as very few people do and what does that mean it means you're gonna be
laughed at it means you're gonna be ridiculed it means you're going to be
misunderstood because leadership is a lonely sport first of all I prioritize
sleep and that means making that means saying no to things you want to do it's
not easy no it's hard I think it's the hardest thing last night you know Cheryl Steinbeck
interviewed me at the Summers Consinfeny Hall and then I had to sign books
and I would have loved to go and have dinner with her but I went to bed and
you know because if I hadn't got if I had gone out dinner and hadn't got my at
least seven hours sleep that I need and had to get up and to do TV
I would not be enjoying being here with you now and I'm really enjoying it and
I'm 100% present I'm not tired and I hate being tired more than I hate
anything I honestly I honestly believe that if you're if you're focused and
passionate and driven you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life
because I honestly believe that because you'll figure it out you know what I
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