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How To Make YouTube Thumbnails On Android With A Free App

I’ll show you learn how to make a youtube thumbnail for your Android mobile and we’re starting correct now the first thing you want to do is you need to put in an application called pixel lab that you would be able to get that without cost on the Google Play store once you have that installed you want to click on the icon to open it up whilst you first open this app you’re going to see that it is a rectangular ratio canvas that they offer you you need to vary this to some thing more YouTube pleasant by using going as much as the highest proper you are going to look three little dots you need to click on on these then you’re going to peer photo measurement you need to click on snapshot size and you want to decide on from the preset choices you want to go right down to YouTube thumbnail now that is going to give you the YouTube endorsed 1280 by means of 720 measurement for my part I prefer to make my thumbnails at 1920 via 1080 in order that i’ve an online archive however for this detailed tutorial we’re going to hold it at 1280 by way of 720 because that’s what YouTube recommends upon getting your dimensions in place whatever you decide on then you definately simply click on ok the next thing you wish to have to do is you need so as to add an photo to this so that you could construct your text round it so what we’ll do is we’re going to click on on the plus icon then we’ll go into our gallery now we’re going to prefer any photo that will work for our thumbnail what you are going to peer here after getting an image chosen is it’ll offer you a sixteen by using nine ratio field round your photograph this is going to be your crop space so you wish to have to grab a corner of this and you want to scale it down to make use of some thing a part of the photograph that you desire to right here due to the fact I like to have my face giant on the right and my text over to the left you understand I leave ample room right here in the photograph to do this and that i put my face over right here to the proper with an eye on the 0.33 in order that the whole thing ends up in the end first-rate and balanced and then as soon as that is finished i will click the checkmark once this is imported into the app all I have got to do is click right here in the corner and drag that out now whatever that you are going to need to do is if you find yourself building textual content on this later in the event you don’t lock this photo into position and you are going to accidentally hit a ton of occasions I figured that out the tough method when finding out to use this app originally so what you do to lock it is you go into your layers and first thing you want to do is you wish to have to click on the lock tab now it’ll keep you from moving some thing here however you wish to have to nonetheless transfer this down beneath that initial text layer that is in there through default as soon as that is completed then all you have got to do is click on on the layer icon once more and that’s going to leave and you’re still going to see that textual content layer there so what we’re going to do is have been going to grab that text layer we will transfer it up here and simply to exhibit you as an illustration i will do anything i would like with this image and it is now not going to maneuver its going to stay in position so i’m going to click on this article up here on the top after which i’ll click on on the a icon down right here within the bottom and this is going to open up a entire bunch of extraordinary choices for you of matters that you can do with the textual content so it is going to provide you with sort choices which you can surely edit the textual content you could delete it replica it that you would be able to transfer it right into a specified function trade the dimensions the color makes 3d protrusions on it I imply ordinarily whatever you want to add drop shadows strokes something that you need to do to make your text stand out so what i’m going to do is i’ll go up into the patterns and i will click on on that icon and i’m going to go into browse since i love my some nails to be great and daring i’m going to seize the great text that is standing out to me proper now which is right right here within the bottom correct and it robotically applied that to my textual content layer so now I need to alternate what it can be really going to say so i’m going to click on the Edit icon over here now i’m going to alternate this to anything textual content it is that i’m going to make use of in my thumbnail whenever you select the actual textual content whilst this dialog box is still open here should you seem up here on the highest left you’re going to look a tremendous teeny little p should you click on on that then it should make your phrase all caps or in case you click on it once more and we are going to make all of it lowercase so for this example i will preserve everything as caps i will click good enough now what I want to do is i’ll go down and all of these choices that i’ve i’m going to click on the scale icon and i’ll make this large because you know persons are cell phones at the present time i would like them to be ready to learn this rapidly and with no trouble at a look so i’m going to get my measurement collectively and as one can find I adjusted it just a little bit to ensure that my measurement is how i would like it now i’ll click on the assess mark to make certain that the whole lot stays how i would like it the following factor i’ll do is i’ll scroll down by means of my choices and i’ll opt for the shadow option and the motive I going to do this is since i want my text to return off of my image a bit of bit so i’m to develop the blur radius i’m going to expand the offset and as you will find it’s establishing to put that shadow in the back of my text i’m going to spread this out just a little bit extra once i’ve it how i would like i’ll click on on the checkmark and then that says that that’s truly how i would like my thumb to seem so i’m going to do that for the two other layers of text that i am going to put on right here considering that we already stroll by means of that i’m going to speed via this phase ok in order you can find right here i’ve the textual content in location that i would genuinely wish to use in this thumbnail so what i’m going to do subsequent is i’ll simply exhibit you some of the different choices so you’ll discover what’s available in one of the crucial prospects with this if you wish to rotate your text you simply click on on the rotate icon then which you could rotate the textual content a little bit to sort of make the whole lot a bit of bit offset sort of like I do in my thumbnail you can also exchange the sort of course to italic or bold or you recognize nonetheless it’s that you wish to have to make your thumbnails look that you could additionally add an precise heritage to your textual content as good which is pretty cool you simply click on on the history choice you allow it after which you’re going to see that pop up now i’m going to exchange this to black and i’m going to alternate the padding on right here too sincerely the concept is to make it simply style of match around my textual content so that it complements it and helps it stand out however other choices they’ve of direction is which you can go in and which you can exchange the colour on all of this stuff to do this you click on the color icon after which you can click on any colour that you want and one more particularly cool choice that they have got in here that I was beautiful impressed with is they also have 3d rotation so if you want to you understand supply your text slightly bit of a tweak and you already know spend a little bit bit of time on it make the whole lot particularly stand out so far as making it snatch attention that you could with ease try this with this app simply be careful not to junk it up too much because you need it to be first-class and easy and convenient to read and now not a complete mess so be really careful if you have no design expertise to not junk up your thumbnail you need the whole lot as crisp and clear and handy to learn as viable now a different option moreover to the background that I showed you before that you may additionally add shape layers to this by clicking on the shape layer then you would go in and you might have you learnt let’s say a rectangle if we wanted it to look something like my sums and you just role this after which as you can find what you could run into here is that if you are doing whatever like this the shape layer goes to be on top all you have got to do for that if you hit that assess mark is that you could actually go in to the layers choice and you can take hold of it and you could just pull it down beneath whatever phrases you want it to be under just make sure that it’s on prime of your photograph so you could do whatever like that in the event you wanted to or shall we say you know in that main issue shall we say alternatively we desired it to be red or black so it stands out just a bit bit extra you realize this offers you the ingenious freedom to be ready to do this if you wish to have and it also lets you modify the size flawlessly inside the app as well to where that you could make it wider or which you could make it taller you can do often something that you need I imply this can be a super app for making some nails on the go after getting your thumb all worked out and the whole thing appears exactly how you wish to have to seem with the intention to export this you want to click on the three dots up right here on the top proper after which all you need to do is click on export photo and it’s going to ask you what your file layout is you need to use jpg if you need that you would be able to even have the option for PNG which is a better file size much less compression then you definately decide upon your precise dimension that you need seeing that we made this at 1280 by using 720 then i’ll export it at 1280 by 720 but that you may change these to any dimensions that you just that you just like then after you have all of that worked out then you definately just click on store to gallery and that some mail is now for your gallery and that you would be able to in reality add this now into the YouTube creator studio app in the event you realized something in the video recollect to depart a like and if you wish to be taught find out how to grow your YouTube channel and make videos and all types of different YouTube related stuff ensure to hit the circular icon correct now to subscribe so you do not leave out anything thanks a lot for watching i’ll see you next time

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