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10 BEST FREE Android Apps February 2017 + Wallpaper Pack

Hiya, guys, it can be me, Rahul, Hope you are havingan brilliant day, The links to this month’s wallpaper percent will be in the description,so yeah check it out.So with out extra ado, Let’s examine out some new apps for android. 1.First one on the record is a small and simpleapplication, however a fairly cool one. The app is referred to as screens. Just about what this app does is it will possibly quicklyopen up two apps in cut up display mode when you faucet on a shortcut. Lovely neat application to have especiallyif you employ break up monitor lots. Setting up the app is very easy . Open screensapp.Pick two apps that you want to make use of in cut up screen mode then create a shortcut,that is it. Now if you happen to faucet on that shortcut the apps thatyou have chosen will open in cut up reveal mode. 2.ADW Launcher 2 is the next app that I havefor you, This app used to be like the nova launcher on the time when android was once getting general. Everybody used to be using it and builders kindof stopped updating the app. Now they’re back in motion with the new versionof their Launcher. It has a ton of cool customization featuresand it also helps 3D contact function, i am ordinarily no longer gonna use it, but it is niceto have.I suppose ADW launcher is much higher than nova, it has means better features, Butam I gonna switch to this, typically now not now, but ultimately i’ll three."frame" is the wallpaper app of this month.Ireally like this UI , it’s so handy to go, by way of, So in this app, you’ve gotten, snapshot ofthe day featured and preferred sections.Only a heads up, the picture that you see inthis app are from "unsplash.Com "so you’ll see a lot of landscape photographs. Anyways, it is really satisfactory wallpaper app tohave. 4. Relocating on to the subsequent one, now we have weatherwiz, i’ve tried a couple of climate forecast apps, and to be honest, I on no account fairly keptthem, since i don’t use these apps, that in most cases. Once I wish to be aware of whatever i just googleit, simple as that. The app that i’m currently showing you guysmight have the first-class UI that i’ve seen in a climate forecast app. When you open the app you will see very basicinformation and if you want to know more simply swipe up, and i particularly like this notificationwidget thing, it is super cool and in addition that you could alternate the theme of this app as good. 5. Cryptomator is a very simple app that youcan use if you want to encrypt your data and add it to a cloud storage provider. Basically, this app will encrypt your dataand upload it to the cloud, as an encrypted file.Which will only be decrypted making use of thisapp.The app is simpler to use that I suggestion. First, you ought to create a vault and selecta cloud service, now there are only two choices dropbox and google power, prefer one and namethe vault then pick the region for the new vault and style in the password,the passwordthat you style now will act as a decryption key for the documents in this vault. 6. Adobe photoshop fix isn’t a brand new app, butthey have delivered some points right here and there lately, so for this reason this app is on thislist. The disturbing factor on every adobeapp is that you just ought to have adobe id to use an adobe app, I find it very annoying. I do know some humans relatively like this features,however i am no longer one of those people.Anyway let’s talk about the app, it’s essentiallya image retouch app, made specifically for retouching graphics, it shouldn’t have the arena’sbest ui, it’s quite complicated to use this app, nevertheless it does have some designated points,so in the event you to find these facets quite appealing, go ahead and down load this app/ 7. Next one is energy Director, I already madea dedicated video about this app. The predominant characteristic of this app is its abilityto edit and export 4K movies in 4K fine. The app is free to down load, but you haveto pay if you want to export movies in 4K and even in fullHD. Power director for android has very similarUI to its; pc counterpart, and many of the common tools similar to trim, video layers, transformand different similar instruments are in this app, so overall it is a very good video editor foryour phone.8.Toontastic 3D is a new app from google andI would certainly not use it again in my existence. The rationale for that is it’s made for kidsonly. It’s an app that is peculiarly made forkids if you’re an adult you normally is not going to experience this app.However while, kidswill love this app/game, utilising this app which you could create studies, like small inventive storiesusing several characters and sets. 9.Subsequent app that i am going to be showing youis an app that I used to be relatively excited to try out.Fingerprint quick action is relatively usefulmust have app..This app permits you to perform speedy moves equivalent to expanding notificationpanel, taking a screenshot, launching an app and many others by using swiping and tapping on the fingerprintscanner of your phone. 10. The last app on this list is tile extensionfor nougat, I have no idea what number of of you might be using android N, Anyway, if your gadget isrunning on android N then it is a need to have app.This app offers you more tile choices i assume,which you can set quick motion tiles for opening up apps, enabling a customized sound/volume presetand matters like that, Go investigate it out if you are interested..

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